They Will Get Karmic Justice

They Will Get Karmic Justice

In the pursuit of attempting to destroy my stability and hard earned blessings, they did not realize the pit they dug for themselves (be it identity thieves or those IRL ones who think their mischief was not captured). I am leaving it all to the karmic justice system (while taking all possible measures to protect myself).

Those who did what they did : malware on my phone, identity theft, sent fake "friends" who asked pointed questions with such *abnormal* insistence on infiltrating my life (sustained persistence despite my ongoing disinterest which doesn't need to be expressed verbally if you do not feel safe to do so in order to be valid), they hacked my banking, my socials, my Shopify blog post about disabilities, remotely monitored my phone, and so on. They probably could not survive it for a day! I did for a YEAR. 

Let's not forget the hard-to-prove slashing of dog leashes at my door and angry tantrums of door slamming because I chose, as a dignified autonomous being, to keep my distance from certain people due to my busy schedule and discomfort.

Anything to distract hardworking people from pursuing their dreams.

I waited a while before speaking up because I needed to confirm my suspicions.

It could be separate groups of haters for the online vs. IRL bullshit, some mad that I left them, some who are just envious or hateful/bitter with themselves and seeking a target for their projections and self-hatred...

What happens when they can't handle the illogical/heavy and fabricated pressure cooker storm of anxiety they put on you without good reasons (just hate) in a well-planned manner, why can't they take what they laid out so nicely for you when karma dishes it back with a big bow?

Yes, I have suffered enough, but no, I am not a victim, I am too gangster for that, but my level of gangster is *zen master* who isn't going to lift a finger except increasing security measures on all angles and allowing karma to teach these people what happens when you bother people who don't bother no one, while I hold my businesses together. 

I have been attacked online from
every angle and in subtle ways IRL, I am a storm when I am healthy so no storm they try to fabricate will work (since they have to try to incapacitate me to attack me a as a gang as I am stronger by myself than an army of them, I'm flattered). 

Non-reactivity when they're waiting for you to react is a form of ensuring you do not cave and try appease them. Managing your health is the right answer. Not giving in because they're attacking is also ideal - they should not be attacking and it's not up to you to cave in to stop them (it's how they punish people's boundaries).

They'll fall into the pit they dug for you and life will drag them as karmic forces intervene.

They will be weakened by their efforts, while I continue to hustle. Besides, silence is the best response to a fool who would not be capable of being reasoned with if they're acting foolish to begin with. I am not the hater-educator.

I fight differently.