Routine + Discipline = Optimal Fitness

Routine + Discipline = Optimal Fitness

The very core of fitness and staying true to any routine is self-discipline. Mapping out a plan, executing the plan, and switching between exercises and a variety of repetitions engages the brain in ways that most people do not realize. In order to successfully progress through a workout plan, one must activate both the muscle group, their body, as well as their mental concentration.

If you are distracted and multitasking during your fitness practice, you will fail to achieve muscle growth and results due to the missing mind-to-muscle connection. It should be treated as THAT important, because it IS that important!

With fitness, the results are earned, you thus realize you cannot grow without doing the work. Not BS magic pill can replace pure grit, effort, and relentless determination.

Those who take their fitness regimen to the next level understand the power of focus and take the power of their minds to a higher level, which is why fitness is amazing for the brain and mental wellness. Treating it as sacred time with oneself is how we level up.

In any sport or fitness routine, there is always another goal or level to achieve, the self-discipline muscle will consequently continue to grow.

What I love about fitness is that there simply is no boredom or stagnation. If you are ever feeling distracted and losing focus, remember your why. Remembering my personal why behind fitness helps me stay focused.

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