Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

A business is a personal asset ... it doesn't matter how small or bigger business is, if you have an idea, do it on the side. But... I would also like to make a public service announcement that I never started my business in order to quit my craft, I am looking to keep both (I did it for fun, but the paid version of fun - as in, it's fun, but I expect revenue).

Overall, it's not my problem if others do this and move like this, I know that I require a baseline of stability to for my brain to function! 

I don't see working for myself 100% as a dream at all, it would be a nightmare for someone who recovered from workaholic tendencies.

My business is something I can scale back and my online business model means I still got my Forbes feature while working... It's really about innovation, not hours worked. I also can outsource if needed. 

I am not most people, I like my remixed lane approach. I have to make more sacrifices to sustain this, but what it does for my mental is absolutely worth it and those worthy of being in my life are going to respect this is who I am.

It is *very* possible to be passionate about my craft and my side-hustle, yes, both.