Snacks I Eat Before Bed

Snacks I Eat Before Bed

It is way better to not go to sleep hungry, but the right portions/choices matter! That being said, calories consumed before bed are not worth more than calories consumed at any other time!

I am not out here promoting dieting necessarily, but I also would prefer we all stay on track with health goals, and outside of treat meals, I promote a focus on HIGH protein at every meal or snack + fiber when possible. I am talking about fat loss in this post, not eating healthy in general, there is a difference in focus based on goals.

Eating for fat loss can still be healthy; however, the variety is not the same because it is not the goal.

Overall, if the goal is fat loss, usual health foods do not make sense because health does not always mean shredded / trimmed down. What do I mean? For fat loss clients, high amounts of nuts and avocadoes are not part of the plan. Are these foods healthy? Yes! If they are over-consumed, they may cause weight gain due to high-fat content. Do you see how fat loss is not the same as eating healthy? All goals are valid though.

Here's a list of calorie-smart snacks that aren't going to stall fat loss or muscle gain goals if eaten before bed - provided they fit the daily macronutrient/calorie count (substitute for dairy-free version or whatever else):

  1. 0% fat-free no sugar added Greek yogurt for a yogurt bowl with berries or any other fruit you like on top (or dairy-free alternative that is still high protein)
  2. Greek yogurt bars or Halo top protein ice cream (alternative to full-fat ice cream)
  3. An apple sliced with cinnamon and PB2 (less calorie-dense than actual nut butter)
  4. A protein shake
  5. A protein bar
  6. Popcorn (Smart Pop)
  7. Skim / low-fat cheese slices

It is mostly calories IN vs. calories OUT; however, let's still pay attention to this:

1. Protein raises resting metabolic rate.

2. Carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram.

3. Fat has 9 calories per gram.

Not only are (complex) carbs protein sparing, but they're also crucial (in moderation). Carbs are the body's first fuel source which spares the body from burning through protein.

Hoping this was useful for your snack ideas and helped to shed some light on the fact that when we eat has little to no effect on fat loss, calories do not count more at night than during the day, it is the total picture that matters!

Our burning rate may be higher during the day; however, it is not that much lower at night.

The stress of freaking out about not eating before bed is probably more detrimental to the digestive system than eating the snack in the first place. Real solutions are sustainable and focusing on fads about when to eat vs. when not to eat does not solve the real issues at hand when embarking on a fat loss journey.

I personally go with a high protein diet and ensure a level of balance to keep myself sane.

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