Rise Above

Rise Above

I have learned that making a decision, once done processing, to rise above crows as an eagle isn't invalidation nor does it meant to not protect yourself from every angle: it just means that you have a bigger purpose that requires a higher vibration and energy preservation.

I am not saying to never fight back strategically, but if attention and energy is what some want via pettiness, so give them nothing! Choosing to walk away (mostly mentally) isn't the same as giving in because you're disengaging while also not caving. 

Blatant boundaries being crossed and signals ignored show that they're a fool who ought to know better and worth nothing more than your dignified silence. As long ad you're not in danger, engage not. Do your healing in the background and give them absolutely no energy.

From identity thieves to hackers, I have learned that there is power in dignified and strategic silence and self-protection done without any un-necessary attention that is overpaid to those who desperately craved it. I did not expose them by name, or call them out, I'm simply sharing my own experiences and my own lessons, which is far more dignified than getting in the mud with them (they literally have nothing better to do).

Your boundaries being hated on doesn't mean you need to snap back, but you can stay graceful without caving into snakes and vultures aka farm animals who are mad that you're prioritizing your sanity and that you're fully aware that you owe them absolutely nothing (they're not part of your household and circle and you already have a charity of choice).

If the goal of a hater or the kingdom of darkness is to wreak havoc in your life, it's important for you to not allow it in terms of reacting. You can still protect yourself without reacting the way they wish for you to. Don't feel compelled to give a piece of your mind to people who know exactly what they are doing. 

Non-reactivity doesn't mean you lack intelligence and strategy when it is a warranted battle. 

Non-reactivity is tool on its own and it isn't the same as caving into unwarranted trolls on the internet or any other bullies who are mad that you stood in your power to say no to something you never owed them in the first place. 

God will return all that they send your way to them ten fold because this is how the Universe works, do not send it back onto the innocent collective... Send it back to sender out of self-protection as you don't owe anyone unfounded suffering for their self-hatred.

Never get out of character.