I'm Not Most People

I'm Not Most People

On this episode of embracing my insanity...

Every case is different, but settling for me would be to not work. Nope. Not me. Precisely why I am insane enough to run multiple lanes while being severely disabled, I genuinely do not let limits define me, I maintain a balance but I simply tweak work methods/work schedules.

I was told at 14 that I was "too young" to work at the mall so I sold hand-made bracelets to my school teachers. Work is my DNA, it was just a matter of methods/hours/layouts.

I can't believe someone had the audacity to tell me that I was too young to work at 14 years old. I was like excuse me? Who do you think you're talking to? The sass worsens with age. 😂

The insane path, the hard path, the train extra hard in the gym path, the working extra hard to achieve the results that others achieve so easily without the invisible struggles, that path, that's rewarding for me personally. I make the sacrifices necessary as I know what I want.

Anyone who wants to deter, distract, delay and isn't from my household or on my list of obligations is at risk of being shown the door.

For me, continuing to work means to have higher disability management tools available, and higher levels of healthcare and I get to also achieve my dreams as long as I work a tiny little bit differently. I'm actually very happy with my decision to continue all ventures.