Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

You don't need their validation on your boundary and the commute time to the gym whether it's longer or shorter as is happening during your personal time and it's not like you're asking for time off in order to commute to the gym of your choice so what they can do is mind their own business.

And don't get me started on the kinds of people who will try to control your life, even if you've only met them five seconds ago. It's a complete erosion of personal autonomy.

This has happened from various angles of my life for many years so it's not like I am calling out anyone in particular, people like to mind my business for me and it's effing annoying. I have limits to what I put out online and it's not an invitation for controlling people to try to fw me.

Unwanted "advice" is a means to make you defend your choices to people who want to play God in your life, don't take the bait.

It doesn't matter how subtle they try to be at bulldozing, this is an energy drain. 

They add nothing to your life but stress. 

I've never had any patience for people who want to count my money or count how I spend my personal time or tell me how I should re-allocate my time budget as if they had a say when they were never invited to do so. It is out of their jurisdiction and what they need to do manage is their control issues. What gym I choose is completely my choice. The gym I feel comfortable with is completely my choice.

My personal time is completely my choice. It's not taking away from another category because other categories need to stay in their own lane (my business included).

Those consumed by the desire to meddle in the affairs of others often overlook the essential questions they should ponder:

  1. What drives my need for control? Understanding the root cause behind the desire to control others is pivotal. Is it fear, insecurity, or a lack of trust in others' abilities?

  2. Am I neglecting my own growth? Focusing on controlling external circumstances can divert attention from personal development and self-improvement.

  3. Do I respect others' autonomy? Recognizing and respecting the autonomy of others is fundamental to healthy relationships and genuine empowerment.

  4. Am I fostering resentment? Constantly meddling in others' affairs can breed resentment and strain relationships, ultimately undermining any sense of control gained.

  5. How do I define true power? Reflecting on what true power means personally can help shift focus from external control to internal mastery and influence.

  6. What are the consequences of my actions? Consider the ripple effects of intrusive behavior on both oneself and others. Is it worth sacrificing harmony and trust for temporary control?

I don't know if such people expect the recipient of their unwanted control to sit back and just take it but we just want to let you know that you're not authorized to play in the affairs of people you just met or barely know or have no business or jurisdiction over. Period!

You don't have to understand a boundary in order to respect it, but what you are not going to do is get in the way of people's affairs or impede their health time. Wasting our time further by explaining ourselves to people making an issue out of thin air? No. Fall back!

Your lack of understanding or consciousness is not our problem.

Protecting Your Mental Health:

Being around people who disregard your autonomy can lead to stress and anxiety, as you may constantly feel invalidated or controlled and mentally drained.

Upholding Self-Worth:

Surrounding yourself with individuals who respect your autonomy aka humanity (dignity, choice, free will) reinforces your sense of self-worth and empowers you to assert your boundaries confidently without fear of retaliation.

Such people will pretend to be on your team only when they want something or they want your free will to their agenda.

You don't have to be around people who don't respect your basic humanity (free will), let them go play God in someone else's life and have them leave you alone.

They may try to pass it off as caring, but in reality, it's nothing but control. That's how they cover it up. Genuine people give others their space!

...This is a "by invitation only" season and the cracks in the foundation must be sealed as the mind must be un-infiltrate-able as your control center is where you get your inspired action ideas, close the circle ⛔️ and seal the weak points. 🛡️