Mentally Recharging Precedes Creativity

Mentally Recharging Precedes Creativity

A *rested* mind is a precursor to inspired action and a regulated nervous system.

Your duty to your craft is to maintain your health with time carved out as un-interrupted as possible away from all else (except for dependents). 

The idea that rest is unproductive is funny to me, the needle has never moved this quickly...

How can rest not be productive if our minds are the engine of creativity, intelligence, competence, and linked to our whole bodies? It confuses me the notion that more hours is a real solution, removal of non-needle-moving-un-necessary-clutter would be the first line of defence.  

I think that time is limited, but creativity isn't necessarily limited, and we can make it even more limitless by sleep/rest.

A poorly rested mind doesn't bring anything to the table. 

I have absolutely no desire to overwork or burnout ever again. Nope. Loving what I do means I care about sustainability. When you only invest in what honours you, your entire life changes from the inside out. 💙

Health is *not* a cost or something that takes you away from something else, it is an investment into all other areas of life quality-wise. It's an oxygen mask. I do not see the purpose of doing everything anyway, it's not even logistically possible even with a big team as quality would still suffer, but at scale.

I no longer film my workouts, I barely do brand deals during my specific workout timeslots dedicated to my ADHD mental processing (quiet/mind clearing) and unless it's my child or dependent, this is alone/therapy time. We don't have time for everything. That's a good thing.

I rather sleep more and have more focused hours. Rest is such a good feeling... I'm converted for life, I'm never going back to the previous nonsense I was doing.

The needle is moving faster because my mind is sharper. It's not just the medication, it's the fact that I'm actually resting.

Not budging about balance benchmarks means burnout-free for over a year, I could not be more grateful. I love doing my own grocery shopping. Intentionality means some things may grow slower; however, sustainability last for the long-haul on stable foundations not built on sand.

For me, focus is the key, I could not be "everywhere" even if I wanted to and this is not a short-coming, rather, it is a feature that I work with, not against. 

Manifesting requires a rested spirit in the manner that works for you, if it means slower growth, fine, but how is my Forbes feature, my Adobe Express collaboration, and the fast launch of my online digital workout plans slow exactly? This is faster than I have ever experienced. Fewer, yet more focused/properly rested hours. 

I manifest when I am taking naps (from the previous inspired actions I have taken), so I am really struggling to understand the "more hours is better" mentality as I can move the needle during hyperfocus in fewer hours by leveraging my ADHD.

It’s a permanent health-first life restructuring and I don’t ever remember being this attuned, I know my baseline is crash days, naps, severe ADHD label is all it took. I can’t function sustainably without the basics/it’s fine with me to cut down on whatever may risk overload. 

Resting means more power in the hours, that moves you faster than unfocused extra hours for things that really could just be cut out or delayed to a future phase or season.

If you take an inventory of every single task you're doing to grow your business, you're going to probably wake up to the reality that a lot of it doesn't need to even be done in the first place. It can be batched or removed if it's bothering your rest time or not producing ROI. 

For me, 5 hyperfocused hours > 10 flimsy vision-less distracted hours that snowball into less time for guaranteed rest.

I just needed to be told there would be an early grave if I did not stop. 

Once you define what success looks like for you personally, you're not going to be swayed by the opinions of others.

I am willing to build correctly and take my time as I want longevity, something that the scammers/exploiters/personal-responsibility-shifters of the world will not understand, and that's okay.

Playing the long game might take longer because you actually want to pay your people properly rather than being conniving, and undercutting/using people, and all of that and that's OK. It may take longer when you do your homework yourself rather than trying to push it onto other people (at their expense, and to their detriment) and that's OK too. 

I acknowledge I'm not perfect and still have my imperfections. However, I prefer a patient approach, avoiding deceit, using people, or putting others down as that seems like the faster route for many, but it isn't without karmic whiplash down the line. I am not a fan of confusing and devious spirits who try to take it from someone else, compete, compare, or steal the time/labour of others instead of creating their craft using honest means, so I rather not settle either when it comes to hiring the right team. 

Those faking "community" to use people for free labour like MLM's is sickening.

Instant-results is owning a floor, long-term is owning the whole building/street.

Longevity involves refraining from pulling others down to elevate yourself, as attempting to rise by bringing others down may lead to consequences later due to the constant influence of universal forces.

I only have a small set of suppliers because they are protective, genuine, and professional, so more is not better when it's poor quality or if our core values do not align.

How can you miss out on anything that is not aligned with your wiring? Harness your gifts.

Avoiding mental bandwidth drainage on no-ROI work, replenishing sleep debt with a mandatory crash day with no activities at all, and flexing my hours based on ADHD-driven insomnia in general means I am not going into constant sleep/energy debt. 💙

It doesn't matter how minor it may seem to others, what causes YOU over-exertion or cuts into insomnia buffers and isn't a baseline necessity in your life: should be reduced/removed (unless it's related to your household or responsibilities), it's about prevention over cure because we cannot afford a margin of error when the cost of context-switching breaks our circuit.

If you're only doing what moves the needle and not the frivolous extraneous fluff, why exactly would you need more time? For what purpose? 

For me, health-first means not pushing through the depletion, and actually replenishing depletion before I get crusty.

There is no set-in-stone-way to grow anything and nothing grows if your own energy isn't protected first (especially that health precedes your ability to function even at a baseline with a disability).