Protein Needs Calculator: Activity-Level Based

Protein Needs Calculator: Activity-Level Based

Welcome to the Self-Love and Fitness® version of a Protein Needs Calculator!

The recommended daily amount of protein is 0.8 g per kilogram (kg) of bodyweight which is suboptimal... so we needed to do something about it.

This is a redone version of conventional recommendations (with higher multipliers) and can work for those with no pre-existing kidney issues.

This will naturally result in high amounts of protein daily than other macronutrient calculators.


✨To convert pounds (lbs - pounds) to kilograms (kg), divide the total value by 2.2.

✨To convert feet to (cm) centimetres (for height), multiply the total value (even if fractional) by 30.48.

✨Please refer to our macronutrient and calorie calculator for the full-picture, this one is only about protein goals generally (without looking at all factors, but for a general overview).

Protein Needs Calculator