Medical Update (Juicy Details)

Medical Update (Juicy Details)

This was too long for a social media post, so blog post it is!

I panicked yesterday when I started to feel dizzy/day time somnolence and I didn’t want a repeat of what happened 3 months ago with head zaps.

I actually started Strattera a week and a half ago almost, but I did not get side effects until the day before yesterday, which was weird.

I gave it another few days and the side effects are waning. Finally my Straterra (ADHD) and Fetzima (anxiety) combo is working almost glitch-free.

The ADHD was first diagnosed during Uni, I somehow forgot about it and assumed it was all just anxiety, it’s not a surprise that skipping over treating the dominant issue (ADHD) and only handling Generalized Anxiety wasn’t working for me. 😂 The right / primary issue not being addressed and severe side effects. Yay! 

What I like is that until NOW, the ADHD wasn't treated, and now it is! :)

I still feel dizzy (less now though), abdominal cramps, and some weird sensations in my brain when I lied down to sleep, but that’s some minor snap-crackle-popping like the cereal (ew lol) - but no electrical shocks like lightning moving through my brain like what I experienced months ago. Progress! 

Having had the space for this medication trial is part of the reason I didn't freak out.

Also, this period confirms that despite some limitations, my chosen business model (online) was the right one. I am going to continue without the coaching as influencer deals pick up (it's one or the other, not both right now).

Respecting what you need and know you like / dislike is way different than comfort zone, it’s self-awareness and being very well attuned with the very real conditions to your functioning. It’s best to be kind to yourself, pushing ourselves into dangerous slippery slopes that go against our wiring and innate needs (which are valid) is how we burn out. 

Get into alignment with Source (or whatever you get your energy from) and then the ideas flow, and the right bonds with the right people will also flow (quality not quantity), this happens when we hold our health and personal time sacred.

How else is optimal blood oxygen reached without consecutive unbroken cardio especially when managing medication for specific health conditions? Learn your body / mind then go with it. ADHD simply requires intensity, meds can lower blood pressure etc. 

Reliable personal time counts for a lot! Having to worry about whether or not I even have that time was just not going to work for me.

Part of the derailment was not creating a weekly retreat for meditative exercise for a while... That’s a requirement for the way my brain is wired and it’s not surprising where my high tolerance for strenuous exercise comes from. Meal prep ensures I get enough nutrients.

My mind, with knowing what I know about my personal health conditions, is looking at it this way: brain and body = computers, food and exercise are scripts - feed it the best we can afford and our cell signalling / functionalities will be top notch. 

Thank you for following my journey and I hope I could provide some entertainment, insight, and fun. We cannot uplift others unless we come from a place of joy and abundance, and I was not going to allow this to stop me from falling in love with life again. Essentially, uplifting others is impossible without coming from a place of as much joy as possible within ourselves first, hence my light-heartedness around something otherwise less-than-ideal. 

 ❤️ Karisa