Delusions About Healing - Clarified

Delusions About Healing - Clarified

You're not responsible for rebuilding any "bond" you did not break or indirectly blamed for not having any interest in saboteurs or past stumbling-block creators as if self-preservation as a disproportionate reaction (whether it is past people who try to waltz back in, or past wolves in sheep's clothing who were hellbent on fumbling you, or any variant of a germ disguised as a gem aka jealous hater who tried to knock you off your square at any stage directly or indirectly), anyone delusional enough to act like it's a problem to want to keep your distance needs to get trauma-informed to stick to topics they can genuinely speak about. 

Forgiveness means not holding hate in your heart, it does not forgo your comfort and safety nor does it mean re-entry. Distance is a proportionate response to dark forces, their own actions caused this effect, they should have thought twice if they wanted a different bond with you: do not let anyone trick you into thinking you owe anything to people who took the opportunity to fumble you. 

Do not let opportunists back in!

You have no responsibilities towards bonds that you did not break. If you got yourself through your hard times mostly alone, you have no use for the humiliators and saboteurs post-healing.

I don't do dumb things at my own expense for those who are allergic to truth.

I am responsible for my own protection, I have no interest in the "boundaries are barriers" foolishness.