Freely Refusing Vision-Hijacking

Freely Refusing Vision-Hijacking

Some will come to you with offers of unwanted help that they will try to convince you meets your needs when it doesn't and proceed to waste your limited attention span so audaciously if you let them. They won't tell you that there are invisible strings attached.

Reasons why you should feel confident to freely refuse (they should be cognizant that "no" is a perfectly acceptable response as a free-willed autonomous being who isn't an extension of them):

1. Autonomy: Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, and refusing unwanted help is an exercise of that autonomy. You are not responsible for how someone else feels about your decision to assert your autonomy.

2. Boundaries: Setting boundaries is essential for healthy relationships. Refusing unwanted help is a way of establishing and maintaining boundaries, and it's not your responsibility if someone else struggles with respecting those boundaries.

3. Self-care: Prioritizing your own well-being and needs is not selfish. If refusing unwanted help is necessary for your self-care, it's important to prioritize that over someone else's feelings of rejection.

4. Mutual respect: Relationships should be built on mutual respect. If someone is disregarding your refusal of help and trying to overwrite your free will, they are not respecting you as an individual, and it's not your responsibility to cater to their feelings in that scenario.

5. Emotional responsibility: Each person is responsible for their own emotions. While it's natural to feel disappointed or rejected when someone declines help, it's not fair to place the blame on the person asserting their autonomy. Each individual must manage their own emotional reactions.