Not My Responsibility

Not My Responsibility

*I'm speaking from my perspective, and I'm not naming any names.*

Personal space and privacy are rights; unwanted connections aren't.

Home should be a refuge free from intrusion.

Civility is owed, but not personal space. I'm not here to cater to those who spy on or monitor others.

Most people respect boundaries, but some don’t, and it's crucial to avoid them for your safety.  

Unwanted interactions that are persistent can be less than psychologically safe, and it’s best to show disinterest nonverbally. 

Communities should respect boundaries, not manipulate proximity to force interactions. Boundaries protect your schedule, body, time, space, and energy. Intrusions into personal space, especially without consent, are unacceptable. It's important to prioritize safety and maintain your boundaries without feeling the need to explain or justify them. Avoid those who ignore your limits and protect your peace.

You don't have to appease anybody who sees you as a means to an end rather than a human with rights and choices and who resorts to ambush tactics and various ways to corner you. There is no time available for such nonsense as it can get predatory if you allow that into your space.

Their insatiable need for power over others and control is not your issue and if you acquiesce, their demands only worsen with time. The solution is staying away and protecting yourself. 👏

Only people who interfere with quiet enjoyment - which has not happened until now during my 11 years of living here, and are bothered by the way that others manage their time and busy schedules are going to cause problems and make their limits about themselves when boundaries have nothing to do with them.

I think that home is the most private part of someone's life and feeling entitled to the home space of another person is coming off as a little bit sketchy for me personally and ringing my alarm bells.

I have every right to protect my disability accommodation in my own home and let people know that they are not to disturb me. If they are not in need of a 911 ambulance or what not, they should leave me alone, most are fine with a smile/nod/quick greeting without pushing for more.

In psychologically safe situations, you'll never be judged for being in a hurry to your destination as people will actually respect your time and the fact that you want to provide for yourself despite a disability and they will never be delaying your comings and goings or make your life difficult. 👏👏👏

The issue is not the boundary, but their utter disdain towards you having ownership over yourself. Not my problem so do not make it my problem.

Making someone else's security measures and lack of time (home is a zone of PRIVACY) mean something about themselves is a choice, my boundaries aren’t inherently a real issue at all, their perception is. 

I am not responsible for managing their inability to peacefully *accept* the boundaries of others and that our worlds do not revolve around their desires for controlling free-willed humans with multiple jobs and a disability, there's nothing worse than forcing unwanted connections based on proximity as many rent a space with a life outside of it. I don't owe unwanted social relationships to anyone and my sanctuary isn't to be disrupted with ADHD especially: I had to get tenancy accommodations for them to back tf up off of me!  

All they did was confirm my instincts that they try to fight boundaries (even at the stranger stage which is a big red flag) rather than respect and accept the freedom of choice of others and their busy lives outside their living/sleeping space. Entitled people are too much trouble.

They manufacture drama to force unwanted connections and guess what, it won't work, I trust my instincts and I don't engage with petty overgrown babies. I mind my own business as I have multiple. I know it's hard to believe for some that women don't exist for their entertainment, but guess what, that's what I'm here to make very clear. It's 2024 and there are laws against their boundary violations.


I make no noise, I look out for safety, but I'm not going to be looked at as an easy target or have my privacy invaded or my personal space invaded by people who think that young women living alone are an easy target or owe them something overly personal like unwanted friendships when I am a *paying* client. I don't see personal space invasions as friendly and I don't see privacy invasions as friendly.  I think we know the difference between pleasant and caring and intrusive and overly personal. 


Your health is more important than appeasing bullies because they shouldn't be doing what they're doing in the first place. 


I respect my instincts and home is my zone of privacy, I am not here to entertain anyone or be used: I respect shared space, noise, and safety and I am courteous; however, no, I am not getting personal with anyone, especially not people who wait for others at night and act like forced housemates and make your daily life more difficult and delayed due to their entitlement issues. If I wanted added demands on my time or energy or resources from leeches when home, I would get roommates, but there's a reason I don't have any. I love peacefully living alone, and I will absolutely defend my tenancy rights.

*Everyone involved, not just the ring leader, will get their karma because if they had a life, they would not have this much spare time.*

***Truly harmless people don't mind general safety, time, energy, or schedule boundaries - that's how the peace is kept: by accepting when people are busy or not interested - and don't make it about themselves like toddlers.***

I am not the last person who won't have time either, it's 2024.

Retaliating against my rightful boundaries to not be involved with them just because they live nearby is not something I'm going to accept and it's not normal. Home is the privacy zone of many.

I don't have personal time that I do not possess and I don't have to share personal information about myself either. 

We look out for mutual safety and respect noise levels, but intrusion and forcing anything is not okay. 🚩

We respect shared space and time gracefully, we can nod/quickly greet if need be, we don't delay or obstruct people's day to day, so minding our own business and bothering no one only offends people who are mad that they could not use us for their desires as their lack of acceptance of boundaries in general is causing disruptions to our peace (lack of ability to ACCEPT the property lines of others: solution: accept it and move on, do not try to bulldoze, there are laws against that in 2024)... 

Nonverbal signs of disinterest should also be respected, especially when they are a safer option at the start.

It's not okay to ambush and demand that people stop their day in their tracks when clearly rushing (maybe they should have compassion for those working multiple jobs with no spare time): those who think they come before you being on time to actual commitments (we have lives outside our immediate vicinity and should not need apologize for not wanting to be late and certainly not for refusing to be bulldozed out of arriving to our sleep schedule on time when already juggling 100 commitments) are the ones with the problem for ignoring social cues. A quick nod should suffice. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to repeatedly wait around at night when no one else was around and expect something good to come from that aka forcing non-existent time to exist instead of ACCEPTING someone's lack of availability as part of life which would be more mature than slamming doors and conjuring up reasons to target someone as a group effort. Keeping to yourself is a very odd "reason" for someone to start a retaliation campaign, which in it of itself demonstrates their original intent not having been that great as they'd otherwise have respected disinterest for anything too personal beyond basic courtesies and the decency of looking out for mutual safety (disinterest in further connection should be ACCEPTED, it's 2024). 🚩🚩🚩

Why would anyone blatantly delay people who are in a hurry to get home after a long and tiring day? That's disregarding basic respect for time, the same way you do not delay people on their way somewhere and you *accept* their lack of time and move on, we're not obligated to anything beyond a quick nod and smile, it's not that serious. But they made it into a massive problem for no reason beyond their control-freak-ism.

***Accept that some don't want to engage that much (especially when their instincts go off around certain people whose body language and forceful tactics confirm their initial gut feeling about the ulterior motives having led someone to repeatedly wait for them at night despite disinterest being shown) and they don't owe you their personal information either. This isn't a requirement to know that decent people look out for mutual safety.***

You don't argue with irrational actions: that's feeding their ploy to exploit proximity for their gain and cause drama out of thin air...

Being courteous with quick, quiet nods and smiles, and respecting shared space while keeping to myself, harms no one. Closeness cannot be forced without consent; proximity does not obligate me to share personal information. I already ensure mutual safety, do not make noise, or bother others. Friendship or involvement in my life is not a requirement—I peacefully keep to myself.

If you live in a high-crime: a doorbell camera is a logical next step as you are managing your personal safety, this isn't about them - no matter how much we all may look out for safety: this is me protecting me. There is no expectation of privacy in common areas so no amount of sending people to my door to intimidate me out of this safety precaution changes the lawfulness of it.

You can very peacefully coexist (as this is not a rooming house, we share hallways, bot a lawn or driveway and there is no logical basis for forcing personal connections and intrusion or demanding favours or other people's resources if you're not their housemate: I didn't sign up for roommates) with a quick nod and a quick smile and a quick polite greeting and keep it moving. 

You don't have to make yourself late for your sleep schedule or your workday just because wants to insert themselves into your day and does not care about the consequences of being late. They're not being considerate of you... 

Those who do not view others as independent, autonomous, and free agents and beings may create "issues" out of nothing aka when people do not cave into their demands which is a way to force themselves into your already busy life (and refuse to make themselves late as they work multiple jobs which I doubt the bulldozers would understand the consequences of being late and delayed sleep schedules) and stop everything they're doing to cater to them as they have a God-complex. Mad that I won't let them make my daily life more difficult or use me?

Manufactured drama makes me want to mind my own business even further. I don't deal with smear campaigns (retaliation against normal healthy boundaries) and boundaries are not grudges, they're peace-protectors.

You don't have to get personal with anybody that you don't want to get personal with. Absolutely not. Those who have a problem with it and that are starting a smear campaign against you, they're kind of the ones disrupting the peace because they're just not capable of minding their own business. Why would I trust anyone that comes up against my doorbell camera as a woman living alone in a downtown high-rise with a high crime rate and no hallway security cameras? 

It is very possible to be peacefully neutral and the person who needs to know everything about everyone is probably a gossip anyway. Anyone who tries too hard to get into someone's private life probably has an agenda. We have every right to protect ourselves as young women living alone.

My door safety camera is facing an electrical room and not intruding on the inside of someone else's apartment. It is only motion-activated so unless someone tries to do something to me as a young woman living alone or steal my packages: they don't have to worry about anything.

You don't "confront" people who resort to monitoring you after showing disinterest as they're not psychologically safe if they resort to that in the first place. You protect yourself! If they slam doors for not getting what they want from you, why would you go near that? 🚩

Guarding the peace around your schedule, time without pointless notifications to recharge, your body, your mind, your time, your attention/energy and your life obligations in general (being a responsible adult who manages their life and understands the consequences of missed deadlines), you're setting property lines and safeguarding what belongs to you. This harms and bothers no one! Those choosing to be slighted are doing so as they're used to over-riding free choice and boundaries. 

***Your boundaries are protecting you from what they wanted to take from you, some of us are smart enough to know that we owe neutrality, not excess niceness to those who will see it as an invitation to never leave you alone, this is why disengaging and silence cannot be used to blame you for their actions as it otherwise seems like you invited it if you engage (and this way, they can't twist your words to fit any fabrication).***   

It is unwise to engage with or confront predatory behaviour. My instinct was to walk away as fast as humanly possible. We do not seek to reason with those who resort to this in the first place! All because they insist on making our boundaries about them. 

If others do not take their business, work and sleep schedules seriously, that's not your problem. literally trying to make people late because you want to demand their attention as if they don't have places to go? Please learn how to read social cues and actually respect them as inconsiderate foolishness isn't going to get consideration in exchange, it gets peaceful neutrality.

Those with nothing to lose seem to have a lot of time to waste.

You don't need to know anything about me in order to know I won't rob you and I will absolutely intervene if someone is in danger, mutual safety and common sense. 💯

Mutual wellness and mutual desire for others to win: those people do not get in the way of people's day to day life and make it more difficult with pointless intrusion/delays which isn't natural and contrived/orchestrated. 

Good people want you empowered and are mature enough to not make your energy and time limits about themselves, creating issues for nothing, likely because they wanted to replace their previous young (and dumb) female companions. 

***I will defend my right to a peaceful and prying-free living situation, especially if I don't have roommates, I won't be spending more on rent than needed just because some can't mind their business or stay out of my personal life. Nope, not me. Proximity doesn't mean you have automatic access to my time.***

Protecting my peace, space, and personal safety and the fact that my sacred, peaceful, sanctuary time for which I *pay* isn't up for grabs and considered "off-limits" is about my disability, those who have an issue can call: 1-800-get-over-it. I am there for the location, my life is outside of my immediate vicinity, let's just accept unavailable time or disinterest in forced unwanted connections instead of forcing un-natural run-in's, I don't tolerate that. 💯

How dare you REJECT their intrusion (not being inclusive, but forcefully intrusive) on your home space and home time? 

They think that making me pay the "price" for refusing to engage with them socially because of various reasons, including my instincts and my lack of time, is going to make me take down my boundaries and cave in? It is not the answer, protecting myself like I would protect my child is the answer. 👏

***I go home to recharge my mental batteries, not for forced socializing or mental overstimulation that truly isn't a real requirement...***


Examples of nuisances (bothering someone aka me who bothers no one and minds their business) since June 2023 because they can't handle that you're in control of your domicile (they have no right to your private and personal space even if they successfully pestered other young women in the past) and do not want any connection past a smile, nod, and polite greeting in passing due to multiple jobs (by choice) and a disability - while also naturally looking out for mutual safety:

- Monitoring your activities or making you feel like you're being watched, such as by stealing building notices and delivery flyers, undermining your preference for privacy and disinterest in this unwanted connection (we are not housemates and I don't like strangers in my business, we do not even share a driveway, so there is no basis that is logical to force themselves on people and manipulate the concept of proximity and create drama to force the unwanted connection: my instincts and safety matter more than their lack of respect for the fact that I do not owe them my time, space, information, or connection, I am just here to mind my own business and live my life).

I feel sorry that they have no obligations in life and this much time to rally up others to turn them against me as if they have a God-complex.

- If you never feel at peace at your property or dread coming home, it may be a sign of pestering.

- Frequently going outside within a minute of you doing so, regardless of changes in your schedule, preventing you from doing laundry in peace without them hovering around, even when they aren't doing laundry themselves.

- The disappearance of my undergarments might be linked to their surveillance of my laundry schedule, and they wonder why I keep my distance.

- Throwing objects at your balcony.

- Trying to rally minions to take down your perfectly legal door camera after having monitored you for a whole year and playing victim to your rightful boundaries. 

- Staring at you in a demeaning manner whenever you leave or return to your property late at night when no one else is around. 

- Some staff demanding personal information despite my refusal and time constraints and not owing them a social relationship outside of scheduled work orders that are done via property manager: I do not pay money to have demands made as I am here to relax and recharge, not entertain bored people who think that women who live alone are easy targets. If their help with safety was genuine, I expect no strings attached and other than the one who was looking after security issues, I find there's still no reason for my personal information being asked.

... If there's an on-site office and an emergency line, there is no legal requirement for tenants under my lease or the law (who pay for privacy) to divulge personal contact information to building staff and non-real-flood-fire entries (each entry, even follow-ups) require notice. We do not owe anyone entertaining un-necessary social connections so why ask me more than once or try different ways to stall people to contrive a connection that has no basis outside of professionalism for existing (only one of them does this, but if the help is genuine and paid for via my lease, I don't feel I owe them any further connecting beyond the basis for work orders or security help if they're actually doing this for genuine reasons - as I don't have spare time in my own sanctuary and while I feel bad for those who may be bored, they can find other options who are also bored: I am not a fit for their personal needs).

I have zero tolerance and respect for anyone who disrespects my private sanctuary (and how I leave just enough time to arrive to and from my destination on time). Any entry without notice or without confirmation of allowable follow-up is intrusive and so icky to me.

***The solution is not for me to leave, the solution is for me to restore my right to live in peace whether it is maintenance staff, building staff or other tenants disrupting it, and trying to get a little too personal for my liking.***


Guess what? Some want privacy so focus on those with the same desires as you and leave the rest alone like 99.99% of people do.

Some people have a life outside their immediate vicinity and since we have building staff for issues, joining social clubs is a *choice* and pestering people isn't normal grown mature adult behaviour. Find a hooker or someone else to entertain you.

***Humanity and dignity is choosing who we let into our private life spheres.***

There is no basis to hound people like prey (this is far from friendly, it's sleazy), unless there's an agenda. ☠️

Rather than bulldozing, try "accepting" basic boundary differences for overall peace and learn to respect people's disinterest/not having time, and only when you have two jobs and a disability should have an opinion on how others spend their time and earn a living: you do not delay people's comings and goings (after seemingly monitoring people) for your own ulterior motives: proximity is not automatic comfort or trust, everyone has a choice who they allow into their lives. 

Being peaceful is accepting that some don't want anything beyond a smile, nod, quick courtesy as their lives lie elsewhere. 

No amount of pestering will change that. 

I don't know anybody who's coming home at night who isn't in a serious rush to get home and get to sleep (busy people struggle to sleep enough) and who likes being ambushed by strangers who were not invited to wait around for their return? How do these people know your schedule that well? 

Some boundaries ought to have been known to be in place and disregarding cues repeatedly (well-meaning or not) is just a sign of someone you should not let near you. If they have to monitor your schedule to force their way into your life and cannot accept you’re simply unavailable in some segments of your life because you're stressed/busy/tired and don't owe them anything but to respect their space/security/privacy, that’s a bullet dodged. 


Minding your own business and bothering no one is not turning your nose up at anybody because I'm not comparing myself to anyone except that they are choosing to make someone else's need for peace and quiet about themselves (which is a form of looking down on those who are wired differently), I'm just focussing on what I need to be focussing on in my own home. That's my time.

***Safe people are safe to say no to WITHOUT having justifications demanded as they do not seek to dominate other autonomous beings for their agendas under sneaky ambush tactics. That's the word that reveals character. We are called to guard our hearts and test the spirit: refusal is the perfect way to test the spirit as persistence is them disrespecting your wishes and trying to dominate you and start petty turf wars like the childish toddlers they are mentally (they're not entitled to invade your space and life to demand explanations when busy signals and a non-verbal no is usually enough and frankly, much safer because trying to get people alone is often how they ensure they can over-ride your free will, sounds very innocent/friendly indeed, them wanting to know "why" is a way to force you to engage by any means necessary including manipulation - those with life experience will never encourage you to engage as appeasing icky behaviour is not your responsibility, never). It is impossible to reason with people who resort to ambushing in the first place. Being left alone (a valid need) is usually not this difficult.***  

People who deliberately delay and obstruct others who are clearly stressed and trying to reach their destination are simply haters, disrespecting your time and boundaries. They want your life to revolve around them, even at your expense. Such behavior is bullying and unacceptable, especially when it invades your home life and personal space. Respect disinterest and move on. Everyone has the right to refuse unwanted connections without retaliation. Stalking someone's schedule and ambushing them at night is invasive and controlling. These individuals should be avoided, as they disrespect boundaries and disrupt peace. It's crucial to protect your sanctuary and not tolerate any intrusions. We don't owe anyone our time or friendship. Starting a smear campaign over a refusal to connect is immature and uncivilized.

No one who has ever joined forces to come up against me for vengeance against my rightful boundaries has escaped karma.

You can let go of the burden of annoyance even if is a valid feeling - while also not having future dealings to anyone who haven't let up for years of underhanded nonsense all because they have too much time on their hands, always rebuke evil and spiritual attacks - but do not be bogged down (stay on your spiritual protection and protect your space, but do not focus on the nonsense more than necessary).

Delivery personnel have no issues with my door camera and people who are just walking by to do their laundry or whatever usually would have no issue. It's normally the people who have bad intentions and a desire to "breach" my security... or have something to hide that have a problem because those are the same people people who think it's actually acceptable to monitor the schedules of strangers for a year or so and now they want to get their knickers in a twist over a SAFETY motion activated door camera that is perfectly compliant with every law? 

Please get a life. They can't even respect the basics of not violating actual personal space and privacy... 

A general safety camera is perfectly legal, nothing these people do will change it, except that it will back-fire on them as appeasing bullies is not my responsibility. 

They do not need to understand a boundary to respect it as they're not the "approver" of others even if their God-complex makes them feel like them rallying their little minions is normal. 

Most people just respect your personal space in your OWN SANCTUARY not a rooming/drinking social house with bored and intrusive old men lol and your lack of interest and they move on like adults, they don't become fixated and obsessed - I'm not here to entertain these people, they can't even respect, basic boundaries and personal safety of all things.  

If they show me unsafe behaviour aka learning my schedule even if I changed it: I protect myself. Period. 🛡️🛡️🛡️ Again, if they didn't plan on trying to breach my personal space aka home space, why would my security camera guarding my front door be an issue? They're telling on themselves! Hire yourself some escorts, and leave me alone.

It was not lack of awareness, but creating drama and chaos to *force* their way into my peace and *manipulate* the concept of proximity when that doesn't obligate me to trust anyone who is that chaotic and forceful and it doesn't mean I owe them my time!

And tenant security screening does not mean they're not a manipulator as shown by their controlling tendencies.  

Most people obey the law and mind their business, but this ring-leader with no responsibilities/goals in life likes to go out of their way to bother people who bother no one and then try to take down their security cameras with evidence of their attempts to bother me further after being told to stop. ⛔️⛔️⛔️

People with good intentions will never feel threatened by your strong boundaries. They will respect them immediately, without causing a scene or trying to turn others against you. They do not need to "understand" anything in order to respect it as that's a God-complex issue and a grandiose ego problem. They won’t send others to spy on you, which is suspicious behaviour. Remember, proximity doesn't make someone trustworthy, and you shouldn't ignore your instincts.

Safe people accept a "no" (no to connecting further and no to anything beyond a quick nod because my name is NO and I work at PRIVATE and you do not "get" to know me without my consent if you're already setting off my instincts as genuine people are not forceful and they accept it when people are private and not interested in forced interaction or ambushed conversations - which is not owed especially when our instincts are ringing all the alarm bells around a person's bad energy which some ignore just to be nice but we don't need to be nice to inconsiderate people who are forceful and do not respect massive headphones and social cues and still try to persist in ambushing us like prey - especially when tired from a long day (why the heck would a stranger you do not even know repeatedly seemingly what for your arrivals at night when no one is around) because they see others as humans and not an extension of their own agenda or there to cater to their needs and wants on-demand like puppets)... 

..Without needing an explanation and don't try to dominate others further or force the existence of NON-existent time. Protesting boundaries and refusal is a sign that you dodged a possibly bigger issue down the line, entitled people are too much trouble. They want to make themselves central in your life even at the expense of your survival-related obligations and insert themselves into your day and do not care about your punctuality, deadlines, focus, and schedule peace. They have a hater-mentality even if it it's concealed as fake niceness. Their ploys have strings attached: designed to lower your guard. 

I have every right to *not* be interested in connecting or making friends here.

Anyone who joins forces over a security camera for my door after repeatedly waiting for my arrivals at night when no one else was around is kind of ***delusional*** in addition to the fact that an underhanded retaliation campaign because I'm not interested in becoming friends with these people is also wrong or interested in sharing *any* of my personal information. This is not required in order to look out for mutual safety, personal space, noise levels, and leave delivery flyers and personal property alone (the basics). 

Appeasing mobs is never the solution as what they're doing is already morally corrupt and trying to over-throw the free will of others whose instincts their shady vibes are setting off.

It is a level of punishment of boundaries and delusional entitlement (how dare I deny these Gods what they demanded of me, it looks like they could not manipulate proximity this time). they have cost me hundreds insecurity measures though. I want that money back eventually.

All for refusing anything beyond a smile/nod/quick greeting? Why do they want more than that? Not necessary. Too intrusive for me personally when they see people rushing and think it's acceptable to make people LATE? ☠️

Who would try to stop busy people in their tracks and retaliate over refusing to be delayed when visibly rushed for my comings/goings? 

Takers and leeches who have nothing to do all day.

There are no excuses for ambushing people to force your way into their *private* life. 

People are working, studying, relaxing, or living: you have NO entitlement to act like you possess or own their time or sanctuary. 

This is very ridiculous to have to explain: you do *not* lay claim on humans with autonomy as objects, get a job.

You don't need to address the situation, especially with those who are unreasonable, as they can’t be reasoned with. Make it clear, even nonverbally, that you want to be left alone. These people drain your energy and disregard your time and boundaries. Never explain or justify your "no" to controlling individuals; they don't have a right to your life due to proximity. Trust your instincts and maintain your boundaries. Genuine people respect your limits and wouldn't cause unnecessary interruptions. Your time and energy are precious, and anyone who doesn’t respect that isn't worth engaging with. Maintain your boundaries firmly and prioritize your own peace and well-being.

Grown (mentally mature) adults should comprehend schedule limits without any issues (we all have obligations).

That's just how life works. It's really to be expected.     

How many people out there are still concerned about those who genuinely couldn't care less how deep into the red zone they go provided they get what they want from you? You do realize such people are not worried about your oxygen mask/survival and cutting into it? You're catering to them for what? You think their approval or connections are the key? No, your sound mind and health are. 

They claim they think they offended you as an excuse for why you do NOT HAVE TIME for them, using this to justify further invading your privacy for their desires as if that was even your responsibility: NOT INTERESTED IN THE SLIGHTEST. 

In reality, you owe no one an explanation for your disinterest. They attempt to appear harmless, but waiting for people at night when no one is around is far from innocuous. 🚩

People are not "home" - they are are:

Working/managing their household like contributing members of society who have their own lives which proximity doesn't make you entitled to;
Working out;

At home, this sanctuary time is clearly being guarded from all angles if they haven't noticed, intruders are removed swiftly. We're not here to entertain opportunists and vultures. 

Home is not available time, at all, period, are y'all low-vibrational intruders over it yet?

Entitled people demand the attention of strangers on demand (who cares where they’re headed and if it makes them late)... yet cause noise pollution, disrespect shared space, and cause safety concerns. ⛔️

I look out for safety and will report threats or react to life threatening emergencies, but otherwise: do not disturb my peace. 

It's OK to want to keep it at a cordial greeting and keep it moving, just like it's OK to make friends, but it's not acceptable to force yourself into the lives of others and start a whole retaliation campaign just because you didn't get what you wanted from them (that borders on insanity). That's straight up juvenile and it's making an issue out of nothing. 

They weaponize their offendedness to domineer and manipulate. 🚩

Grow up and respect that people are not "owing" you any access to their home life if they choose not to, sorry that I see through your sick manipulative agenda. 🚩🚩🚩

We do not owe consideration to the inconsiderate. We owe neutrality/peace/grace, that's it. 

Anyone worried about you being offended as the reason for your strong boundaries and your lack of interest in further connection (around which you owe NO explanations in the first place as long as you're respecting space, time, safety, noise, courtesy) would not be seemingly intrusively monitoring your schedule in any way shape or form so can we please not believe the bullshit?

Their desire to step on your boundaries shows disrespect under the guide of offendedness which is a manipulation tactic. 

There is nothing kind or friendly about ganging up to pounce on one person like a bunch of OLD PREDATORS and the goal of a bully is to make you doubt your reality and to instil fear because that's how they feed off of the energy of others. Like energy vampires who want your soul.

Those showing this level of entitlement so early are too much trouble to deal with and you should not have to engage at all and waste your time on the foolishness they fabricate to get to you and violate your right to refuse and your right to live in peace free from unwanted interference or intrusion when you are not bothering anyone.

If they respected you, they would back off because you've made it clear that you're not looking to connect with them further than courtesies (which at this stage, those are even not owed). The guise of taking offense to justify further monitoring is doubly intrusive. 

If they wanted your wellness, wanted you to win, and wanted your peace: they would not get in your way, delay you, cause problems for you, or bother you in a persistent manner for explanations on your personal private time and choices that are not matters of their jurisdiction so they should not be making their tantrum-reaction to not having been able to use me for their wants/desires my problem. My sense of personal safety is more important than appeasing them over something I do not owe them in the first place (unwanted social relationships that are closer than a polite greeting, I TRUST MY GUT)...

Not being available clearly justifies a retaliation campaign, the enablers who clearly do not give a sh*t about your schedule/obligations/wellness/if you get through your daily life on schedule and excuse the snakes are just as corrupt.

I don't waste my words on the wrong people who would twist it, play the victim to my boundaries, and make excuses for uncomfortable behaviour like waiting for my arrivals when no one is around as if any reason for that is justifying that level of intrusion. No one who values your personal autonomy over your wellness and life would get in the way of those things or demand explanations as you're not to justify yourself to strangers who are trying to manipulate you into acquiescing to their desires at your expense. 

If I have things to do and they don't, I am not the solution to anyone's boredom, solo doesn't mean lonely: stay out of my lane and don't bother people who are focused with nonsense, we won't hesitate to remove distractions (a small circle is far more logical when you have multiple lanes and a disability so the entitlement of those with nothing to offer and very obvious agendas makes me not want to have any dealings with them and rightfully keep my distance: their hostility towards my disinterest tells me everything I need to know).

You can tell when people walk around all day with nothing to do with too much idle time that they're going to go after the ones who mind their business and bother no one, I have every right to be left alone if that's what I prefer.

You are LACKING SENSE and INSTINCT if you think intoxicated old men (old enough to be your father) who do not work a job and have THAT much time are monitoring your schedule for positive reasons... just because they're worried about why you don't want to socialize with them on your own home time (their cover story is to make sure they didn't offend me in any manner when most people with logical reasoning abilities will back off and see that someone wishing to be left alone has nothing to do with them, so them justifying their group effort via personalizing and making my boundaries about them is already INTRUSIVE).

I will not be tricked out of a rent-controlled apartment so best of luck messing with someone who has tenancy accommodations... I have created a major liability from all angles to even trying to mess with me once more.

Not every "group" or "community" is for you, especially if the core function of that segment of your life is for something else aka quiet and focus time. Everyone has a right to choose what they do with their time and space in any area of life... And not be pressured and forced.

Trying to fake feelings of confusion and make my boundaries about themselves to manipulate (any issue or excuse can be contrived at anytime to get to their end goal, it is not to be taken at face value, they have bothered others in the past and they thought I was an easy target), corner, or force me into unwanted social relationships based on proximity when they do not respect the basics of personal property, personal space, and safety? How did they think this was going to play out? 🤔

Respect rejection and grow up. ☠️

Justifying subtly intimidating a person who lives alone for having security measures in place? Do we see how this lacks sense?

I am NOT going to make myself uncomfortable to appease anyone to whom I owe NOTHING.

It's not: how dare they befriend me, it's how dare they ambush/monitor my comings and goings... More information is surfacing on the why behind this... 🕵️‍♀️

Your safety systems and boundaries will never be retaliated against, questioned as you own you, or pushed against except by people who want to lower your guard for their personal gain rather than the guise of inclusion which is an easy cover but we have instincts for a reason (not because of them just choosing to make it mean anything about themselves, but because there is an agenda based on the long-haul drama and intense persistence that occurred over a span of time and excuses were made for the monitoring which I found sick to be honest).

My safety and peace come before "appeasing" the feelings of people to whom I don't owe shouldering that responsibility. I am not obligated to socialize with anyone especially on my home time and I reserve the innate right to guard my space for which I pay. I don't owe anyone my personal information either. Their anger towards rejection isn't my issue. 

They're too old to act like children.

Any level of happily disregarding people being visibly hurried or looking to get in the way is already showing an agenda as I can't imagine forcing my way into anyone's life to the extent of waiting for their arrivals late at night when no one else is around just to pounce and ambush and proceed to angrily slam doors (patio doors are frozen in January so to hell with the wind resistance excuse) if I don't get my way which is odd to me. 

Anyone who respects other people's time won't be bothered by them being busy or disinterested as humanity comes down to free will, but those who have an agenda will opt to find ways to undermine another person's autonomy around who they let into their private life and circle.

I am not here to entertain bored old men. 👏

If they were able to convince young women to waste their time before, good for them, it won't work on me, as I don't have spare time and I don't tolerate intrusion on my home space (it's already illogical to expect entitlement to bother anyone for any reason that isn't calling 911 for them in their home space so I choose not to argue with foolishness but I protect myself instead) if I have not already made myself clear with all the door signs, cameras, and f*** off signals to them and their group.  

I don't need *ANY* reason to not be interested in connecting further (as it's not an obligation in the first place and demanding explanations to force me is UNDERMINING my BOUNDARY) and they certainly can't use "wondering why I am not wanting to partake in their group" as a reason to hunt me like prey. 🚩

Psychologically safe people are safe to say no to for any reason at any time especially when it is not around an aspect you even owe and when no such intimacy is even warranted on any logical basis. 👏

I would be extremely confused if you were expected not to test the spirit and not to trust your instincts... and anyway, how many new people do you even have time for in your life to begin with? We need to be logical about logistics here.

I am not here to be used or have my energy siphoned. It's clear to me that they wanted something from me, why else would they hound people and then low-key punish boundaries like this was a tribe? Their desires from others are not above their actual legal rights. Is their hate for me having stood up for myself against UNWANTED forced connections (as proximity doesn't mean I need to tolerate anything that makes me uncomfortable) worth forgoing their civil liberties? 🤷‍♀️    

I am not responsible for a role any stranger seeks to throw at me or assign to me. In psychologically safe, neurodiverse, and culturally sensible environments, people are allowed to have different boundaries and needs for basic personal peace and space. Dominating a stranger under the guise of friendly is a lie as for a year I have been bothered in my *private home space.* Boundaries are a right and if that's cold, so be it, I am not the one going out if my way to distract and bother people who bother no one. 

Acting out (on the low) on people who don't bother you is wild.

You shouldn't have to do anything beyond a quick smile, a quick nod and a quick polite greeting but you don't have to get personal with anybody that you don't want to get personal with and if ganging up on me was supposed to teach me a lesson of obedience to these masters, what's going to happen is it that will backfire. 🔥🔥🔥  

Whoever participated still made that conscious choice no matter what he may have said or done to convince them. 

Many people do not want to be bothered at home and are busy working - people who *actually* meet their obligations in life are busy, something that these people seem not to be doing as how do they have this much spare time?

Some of them give very: drink all day vibes. I don't doubt my instincts to appease the rose-coloured glasses of anyone in this life, I have enough life experience and see how people who seem not to have jobs operate and I saw what I saw, even if I was not wise enough to pick-up on it at first.

I am not bothered about the opinions of drunkards and I am not one to judge, but everything they have done underhandedly has been noted and I have every right to speak up. 

No one is going to dismantle my personal security systems. 

Couriers and package delivery personnel are not afraid of doorbell cameras, those with possible ill-intentions, possible malice, and who spend their days looking at calculated ways to bother people who have 2 jobs and a focus requirement have an issue with being exposed.

I don't need a "reason" to prefer not to mix and mingle with anyone, especially not on my home time, them trying to hunt me down to bother me for explanations to appease their inability to accept and respect rejection (where explanations are not owed) isn't my problem so they should stop making it my problem and go hire strippers. 

If you don't get a sinister vibe from everyone, but you do only from a few people, then no, you're not paranoid: trust it. Trust any type of bad vibe, but sinister tantrum-when-they-don't-get-what-they-want-from you is one to immediately steer clear from.

My private space is not common space. 

If I not interested in being part of their gang of buddies and drinking buddies and whatever else - no spare time... and I'm fine with a quick but genuine smile, a nod and a quick greeting in passing, but why are they after me?

It's disrespectful to inconvenience those who are clearly in a hurry and then become upset about it afterward in addition to recruiting cronies to subtly punish those different people (this is common among control freaks who cannot accept rejection). Intrusive attitudes are not genuinely friendly, it's conditional: if you join their group, you will be able to live in peace, but that's not what I signed up for.  

This behaviour demonstrates a blatant disregard for others' time and an invasive attitude towards their lives. While some might have the time and energy to linger outside for any amount of time - some do NOT have the ENERGY, that is not the choice I make for my life. Most adults simply move on; they don't become upset because they aren't central to a stranger's life who has shown no interest in further interaction.

Setting boundaries is not rude—it's essential, and those who fail to respect them are the ones being rude. Boundaries, after all, are a reflection of self-worth.

Telling lies about someone who bothers no one to get other people to group up against them because they don't want to have anything to do with you and they don't want to be your friend? Really?  

Subtle "punishment" for my refusal to allow them into my private life and space which is not a requirement. Mutual safety doesn't require that either. 

Anyone who diminishes, questions, degrades, pushes against, or otherwise punishes a personal boundary around your privacy is giving you the signals to rightfully disengage from them. 🚩 Those people erode your life if you let them.

My small army might be outnumbered, but it's far more powerful than a gang of weak cowards who needed to band together because I refused their unwanted social connections as I didn't sign up for forced friendships, impositions, and unwanted invasions of my home time. Weak and low-quality in high numbers... 

When the Universe/God/Spirit is managing your instincts, no one can successfully destroy you or try to invade your daily life any further, why I am drawing attention to it is for other possible targets. I'll be the last one, I will absolutely stand up for the silenced because who knows how many people rejected them and how many people they have tried to bother underhandedly.

If possessive people cannot control you one way, they will try another way. They think they own other people. 

It is never psychologically safe to get into a conversation with these kinds of people - what is safe is for you to make it known and no unclear terms that you want nothing to do with them because if you get into a conversation with them, they will twist it against you. As they will also play the victim to your boundaries which actually harm no one. 

You don't have to converse with them or put it in writing to let them know that you want nothing to do with them (not right away), you have to show them nonverbally. It's never a good idea to engage with people who go to these major lengths to invade the life of a target and even a recruit other individuals to get involved.

They are master manipulators and will even try to halt your safety measures.

It is hard to believe that waiting for me at night when no one was around was to ask me if I was offended as the reason for my disinterest in involving myself with them, it makes it seem innocuous but patterns do not lie, anyone can use anything to cover up their motives. It's not adding up. Why do something like that in the first place and why are they so hellbent on why I am not interested in socializing? I don't have time or energy, but being intrusive over making an issue out of nothing and over something I do not owe explanations about in the first place is a weak excuse.

Graceful courtesy > forcing unwanted intimacy and calling it warm and friendly when it's a way to get you to drop your guard or catch you off-guard, the subtle and early stages: disguised persistent pressure to connect. 

They will ***create*** problems to force you to engage with them. I won't reward that.

The same people who lurk around the laundry when your things go missing and the same people who cannot be relied on for respecting noise and safety and personal space ... are the same people who think they can invade your private life and scoff at you guarding your door, but you cannot rely on them to leave your stuff or leave you alone in your own space, they're really missing the basics here. If they're not happy with a quick polite nod/smile/greeting yet can't be trusted to respect the autonomy of choosing who we allow into our own space: these aren't people whose good opinion you need!

You're not obligated to justify yourself, particularly to those who disregard your time, energy, and boundaries. You don't need to explain yourself to those who prioritize their own desires over your rights. No one who respects you will expect self-sacrifice. 

You can definitely count on them to ambush you at 11 PM (or send their cronies who may be able to afford going to sleep later so they take turns) when no one is around without shoes on and while being intoxicated, but you can't rely on them for the basics of civility. This is because they see you as prey. They'll never admit this and will make excuses for themselves, this is not the time to insert toxic positivity and trick me out of what I see with my own eyes. 

I am not as bothered by the weirdo with long hair who was practically crawling underneath my purse when I was waiting for my Uber or the one who is ready to pounce on me when I was getting out of the car at night but overall they just seem very well orchestrated all of these people and obviously they don't have any respect for the time, safety and wellness of others because they would not have done any of it to begin with if they did and part of living in a culturally sensitive environment is having respect for the boundaries of others because the people who don't want something from you are not going to try to invade your life or force you into unwanted connections in the first place. 

People free will to decide who they let into their life and how they spend their time, those with multiple jobs are probably not the best companions if that's what they're looking for. People should be satisfied with a quick smile, a quick nod and a quick polite greeting but if they push for more than that, it just shows how much they don't respect your limits. 

***I have no need to entertain these people especially after their ambushes, and I don't even know them so I walk away at the first sign of intrusion, negativity, tantrums, drama, and disrespect for social cues because there's a difference between not reading social cues or not wanting to accept the social cues but either way, such people can be heavily draining. It is very unwise to have further dealings with people who are already trying to cling to you as a stranger, can you imagine how much worth it would've gotten if I had let their forced entry into my life happen? Let's normalize walking away at the first sign of negativity.***

I don't even have existing relationships with these people so you know it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

The suspicious cars a few months ago that were circling the block and the man with the hoodie circling the block who also ended up being in the lobby at 11 PM one night in December 2023 or January 2024 at the same time as I came back from the gym didn't bother me much, and then the one hooded man who was circling the floor where I live for a full hour and then hiding in the door way could have been linked to other activities which do not bother me as much as those looking to invade my life and possibly rob me as my clothing goes missing in the laundry room and you could not pay me to feel comfortable in common areas around those who have hounded me for a year (all because I refused their unwanted, forceful, agenda-laden, connection requests). 

If someone is not interested in pursuing further connections or friendships, you leave them alone. 

Keep the door slamming for the five year olds.

I am strong enough to be viewed as rude by people that I genuinely don't want in my life or near me, but there are other people who are stupid enough to allow people like this around them, but what happens to those targets? What happens to the target who doesn't have the money to buy safety cameras? What happened to the target that does not have the money to buy personal protective equipment? What happens to these targets who suffer in silence? I'm going to stand up for all of them. 

These fools operated in a group and still couldn't take me down (all for being different than what they wanted from me, their want is a want, my right to quiet property enjoyment is a legal right). 

I think it's hilarious. What do they have to gain from this? The satisfaction of trying to disrupt my work, ruin my life and destroy my focus? They didn't successfully do any of that and they never will. 

It's not a dispute, it's a retaliation campaign because they chose to make an issue out of my quiet/reserved personality (peacefully minding my own business) in my own home space for which I pay rent - (I am a paying client of a space around which they're chasing tremendous nuisance - even subtleties were documented and they will not dismantle my tight to a camera as I'll get all of them to back up off of me by any legal means necessary - amounting to an outwardly hostile and unsafe environment):

What do they have to hide? Why are they bothered by the general safety measures of a young woman living alone? 🚨

It looks like they would prefer it if I didn't have safety measures because being quiet, reserved, and caring about my safety is horrific - after being monitored for over a year by people I don't know but who view me as prey which not alarming at all and raises no flags to an objective third party?

They're not bothered about being on camera - they're bothered that they can't stomp on me or stomp me out, it's motion detected so all they have to do is walk fast and stay away from my door if it is so upsetting that a young woman is protecting her general safety after being monitored for a year and having clothing items stolen, delivery notice slips stolen, packages stolen, building notices stolen, and her time wasted on these people's carefully designed underhanded tactics. 

I absolutely require cameras in this shit show.

I would rather make myself a target by protecting myself, than having been a target before without protection.

Find something else to do than disrupt the work days of people who actually have jobs.

When it comes to a boundary, it's not a dispute - this should be treated as bullying/covert attacks on someone who is bothering no one and absolutely looks out for mutual safety and doesn't stomp on the floor for months at a time (sounded like hammers/construction tools, not people fighting above me). It's a boundary so you should protect yourself and they should back off after you demonstrating disinterest despite their persistence. 🧿

Their disrespect for the concept of other people having boundaries different than their own is what they're using to start something out of nowhere. it stems from their own control issues. I wish them healing.

The question still remains.

Monitoring strangers' movements is already unreasonable, so why would anyone believe that reasoning with such individuals will dissuade them? While they may pause momentarily, they'll inevitably resume, adopting a stealthier approach and justifying their actions as friendly and innocent. Dealing with them directly is the least effective strategy. 

Some individuals believe that engaging with those who always seek the last word or aim to conceal their actions is beneficial, but I find that notion utterly flawed.  

Taking advantage of proximity to force oneself on anyone, rather than a genuinely polite smile or greeting, and demand entry into their space only works on people with no life experience. I see patterns and what I am shown, the superficial outside is a mask. I am not the one to mess with. 

If they don't want people to think that they are being hounded, and their movements are being followed, they should stop hounding and pestering people like PREY.

It's really not hard unless they have an agenda?

Everyone should be able to rely on time that is completely private, unbothered, no interruptions, and off-limits because adults respect personal space, but I understand that some people just don't have a life or clearly had an agenda, they otherwise would not have recruited cronies or subtly bothered me further as an ousting tactic to "punish" me for my NO towards these unwanted and non-mandatory connections for which I do not have spare time with two jobs and a disability. 

Genuine people value the wellness, time, and autonomy of others. They do not make demands and impositions. From one of them bursting out of their unit the minute they saw my laundry basket to seemingly follow me within 5 inches from the back of my head and then keep coming to lurk at my laundry to kind of see when it was done to the other one waiting for my arrivals after 11 PM when no one else was around, none of it is making sense to me, but all I know is that it's not friendly. These are people I've never spoken to and clearly I'm not interested in doing so after that.

Graveyard energy level anger because I chose to not delay myself when on my way in or out when most are capable of smile/nod and keep it moving, expecting me to stop in my tracks at night especially on my way to my strict wellness/sleep schedule when visibly hurried? Those types of inconsiderate people clearly don't respect the time of others, as shown by their entitlement when no such requirement exists that is rooted in reality.

Nope, and the problem is thinking I would reward ambush tactics with engaging at all and that they feel central in the life of their target (a stranger).

There is no basis for the unwanted forced connections who hounded me for over a year after non-verbally expressing disinterest (this way, my words cannot be twisted against me as my DO NOT DISTURB door sign was and my general safety camera as independence is my chosen path and I have a right to protect myself). We get to autonomously choose who is in our lives as adults and it simply needs to be respected. 

They do not respect personal space and time, but they will try to force themselves on people? Can't do the basics but want to bulldoze?

People who demand explanations on your boundaries or refusal, are telling you that they do not respect your time and your personal sovereignty around the matters of your own jurisdiction, which is your own life, why would you want to be around that? 👏

From trying to turn an entire group against one person because you didn't get what you wanted from them like you did from others?

How did this person manage to convince other young female targets to have dealings with him? Manipulation? 🤷‍♀️

Legitimate "communities" respect boundaries and they don't punish them in an indirect manner - while putting on a very docile face so that they don't get caught. 

They want what they want from you no matter the cost to you, that's what you call parasitical, those people are as inconsiderate as they come... 

Real "communities" do not force you against your discomfort, and they're not takers so they won't ever tell you to slow down your schedule or neglect your commitments to entertain energy leeches.

***You should be able to be introverted, have no social energy, and not under covert targeting in your sanctuary. No one needs to know nothing at all about me to know I am able to look out for mutual safety, space, respect noise and that I am not a threat : I simply like to mind my business, so should they.***

• How did he recruit his cronies?

• How did he manage to get other young women into his unit before? Such an age gap in "friendships" is interesting? I hope they were of legal age. 

If they didn't do anything twisted and unethical in the first place, they wouldn't have to cover it up and smear campaign me and recruit cronies, so they want to make my life harder since I spoke up? Stop giving me things to speak up about and then everything's going to be fine.

They attempt to undermine you psychologically because it's the simplest method for them. By knowing your every move, they believe they can manipulate you more effectively and engage in psychological manipulation. Their aim is to reduce you to insignificance, as they perceive it grants them power.

***People's rights to quiet property enjoyment and personal privacy their responsibility to PROTECT, the gang's desire/wish/want to intrude on the lives of others who mind their business or forcefully "befriend" people who have shown disinterest is ***not*** a legal or real requirement. Privacy is healthy and a smile/nod is satisfactory for most as looking after mutual safety is common sense and natural, no need to know anything about me for that to happen, why would I be looking to allow anyone who has monitored my schedule anywhere near my life (well-intended icky behaviour is no less ridiculous).***

Giving domineering people explanations on your LACK OF ENERGY or time would feed into their entitlement. 

⛔️ To those who seek to infiltrate our lives with their agendas, we say: good luck, but our boundaries are non-negotiable. ONLY people with agendas are insistent and feign well-intended bulls*t, genuine people respect personal space and leave you ALONE the FIRST time you show NO INTEREST and they do not invent random excuses to keep bothering you. ⛔️ 

If I have shown disinterest, and these people are still trying to lower my guard, I have a problem on my hands. Them making a problem out of my boundaries and being reserved and keeping to myself in my own sacred sanctuary because they feel territorial over the property and time of others it's kind of weird to me, it's OK if they prefer a village, but they don't have to force people and I did not sign up for a rooming house. I don't owe anyone explanations on why I don't have time when I'm trying to rush in and out or why I'm not interested in having intruders in ***my*** PERSONAL home space and mental SHUT-OFF time where I am NOT going to be pushed around to "socialize" when this is mental recharge time.

I don't owe anyone who follows the schedules of others ANYTHING. 👏 I don't have to engage with anyone who monitors strangers that closely. 

Anyone who indirectly demands you to justify your priorities is acting like they are more important than the priorities in the life of a stranger that they don't even know and that is someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart. They are also the ones with the problem. 

***Disinterest must be RESPECTED without questions or low-key retaliatory pestering, hounding, monitoring, and bothering under the guise of digging further into my reasons which is an intrusive attitude in it of itself as it is none of their business and I expressed my disinterest clearly, but non-verbally for my safety.***

It seems distorted to behave as though people they just do not owe them something or exist to acquiesce to their demands and desire to dominate others (not the same as genuine kindness as genuinely kind adults don't destroy the time of others with tantrums because they were told NO or witnessed someone's security measures and chose to make it all about themselves like babies), that's showing control problems and I steer clear of that. You could say no with a smile and a boundary-hater will dislike the fact that you're honouring your personal wellness requirements, free will, and prior commitments because they have no respect for your time (as shown by demanding explanations and wasting your time further by trying to make you question your right to boundaries).

I certainly will not tolerate it. The same goes for the person who monitors my laundry schedule, I'm not the solution to their loneliness or boredom, there are plenty of other options out there. But they're not going to bother someone with multiple jobs and a severe disability in their own home. People who are entitled or far too much trouble to deal with. They have already wasted so much of my time and energy with their antics and tantrums. 

Moreover, the insistence on receiving explanations from others can be indicative of a lack of respect for personal boundaries. Individuals who demand justification for a refusal may possess ulterior motives or disregard the autonomy of others. By refusing to engage in such interactions, we protect ourselves from potential manipulation or coercion.

It's important to recognize that not everyone deserves access to our personal lives or reasons behind our decisions. Those who genuinely respect our autonomy will accept a firm and clear refusal without pressing for further explanations.

Acting OVER-familiar (monitoring my schedule for instance or ambushing me at my arrivals which is icky) is absolutely not friendly, I think that it could be a sign of very bad boundaries and I hate to be an alarmist, but I trust my instincts. 

I'm not the solution to their loneliness. Let's just put it that way... If other young females have been in the past, I won't be the replacement. 

It's best to accept my DISINTEREST now before I put cease and desist orders in place. 🚩 I have no requirement to let these people into my safe space or anywhere near my safe space or into my personal life and my home is my sacred sanctuary so their entitlement is already raising a lot of red flags for me. They can prefer a village and keep it among themselves and among willing participants because it's not in my lease agreement to allow unwanted connections into my life just because they live nearby. That's not automatic trust, and their forceful approach is an indication of their LACK OF BOUNDARIES (respect for basic dignified free will and autonomy as humans belong to themselves, people are not their property to push around and lay claim on like objects to desire or take possession over or control/dominate into unwanted friendships that I am clearly not consenting to). I won't be de-sensitized to disrespect over my personal space or tolerating covert manipulation disguised as friendliness when it's designed to lower your guard. 

Everyone else is very cordial and gracious, but they mind their business and I have never had people follow my comings and goings like this and call it friendly, that's not friendly, that's icky. 🤮

I cannot relate to anyone lashing out on the low for someone being in a HURRY? OMG HOW DARE I respect my own time and busy schedule? Clearly, they don't! It's not okay to retaliate as a tantrum for not getting what they felt entitled to.

Time and energy are among your most precious resources. How you choose to allocate them is entirely up to you. If you feel that a relationship or connection is draining your energy or making you uncomfortable, it is your right to step back or sever ties. This isn’t selfish; it’s self-care. Those who care about you will understand and respect your need to prioritize your well-being.

No, I am not obligated to connect with them further than a courtesy smile/nod/fast greeting.

When you heal, you're able to tolerate the negative opinion of people who have given you no reason to respect or trust them and shown you nothing but childish drama created over nothing.

****Remember, choosing who gets to be in your life and how much you let them in is your prerogative WITHOUT QUESTION (no guilt, no shame, no demanding explanations as your privacy boundaries do not concern them). You are not obligated to maintain relationships that do not make you feel safe, or make you feel like PREY, or for which you have NO TIME as if strangers come before your obligations towards your own household and livelihood (this is so distorted to think they can run up in your life, run your life, run your home time, and make demands like you owe them something especially on your personal sanctuary time: and to pester you repeatedly and to use their wish to connect further as an excuse for retaliation makes it even more icky as forcing unwanted connections people do NOT HAVE TIME FOR is NEVER acceptable regardless of their intent).****  

Boundaries do not lack empathy, those who disrespect the FREE choice of others lack it as they think they're entitled to other people and taking from them. This is parasitical! 

You are under no obligation to share details about your life, thoughts, or feelings that you are not comfortable sharing just to appease people who did not get what they wanted from you (to whom you do not owe anything of that nature to). This holds true regardless of the other person’s desires or expectations. Setting this boundary is a fundamental aspect of respecting yourself and maintaining your mental health.

I wouldn't give an inch to people who take a mile in addition, I would not give an inch to people who already seem excessively entitled to the energy, time and attention of strangers and think that it's acceptable to just get in the way of people's schedules via ambushing (when visibly rushing as if we're supposed to accept being late) and get in the way of people's home time (expecting access to their sanctuary in the first place is a little off for me).

You can't go around making people's lives more difficult and expect them take a liking to that.

Imposing closer-than-necessary connections than warranted in the context at-hand is never a good sign in my books.

***I don't owe anyone access to my personal life or unwelcome connections and no one can manipulate their way into my life using proximity as it's not a real requirement.***   

I have no tolerance for explaining and defending my health requirements to random people I don't know in order for my space to be respected.

I don't put up with monitoring spirits who are the most bothered about general safety as if they own the place.

It took tenancy accommodations to get them to back up off of me.

My residence serves as my personal haven where I seek solitude due to my disability and busy schedule with two jobs. Given that my life extends beyond my immediate neighbourhood and I prioritize quiet time when home as this is a DISABILITY requirement, it's advisable for them to seek companionship elsewhere as I may not be the right fit for social relationships, and I won't be available for sharing information about myself either.

It is inconsiderate, in my opinion, to ambush people and demand their time and get in the way of their day in a manner opposite of genuine friendliness so if I am rude for refusing to be delayed and have my life made more difficult, that's fine, why be worried about what a taker wants from you at your own expense? Genuine people don't retaliate against your time, energy, and personal sanctuary boundaries (retaliating for not being able to use me for their purposes is clearly a sign that they're not a genuine person and wanted something from me, their mischief told on itself as with their odd following of my schedule for a year - genuine people don't retaliate in the first place - they back off).

Calling personal space distant shows an illogical entitlement to unwanted intimacy with strangers? Really? Based on proximity? I can't risk allowing anyone with bad boundaries in my life, not to mention, I am not renting here to make friends as I am not available beyond a polite greeting in passing when coming in and out or home (which is not available time).

There's nothing wrong with wanting to make friends, but there's something deeply wrong with forcing unwanted relationships for whatever reason and watching the schedule of your target. 

There is no dispute here, all they need to do is leave me alone a long time ago.

No one juggling multiple jobs is going to be available on their home time and even if they did not have multiple jobs, the expectation of being able to access people in the most private space that belongs to them is completely off even if they feel more comfortable in a village kind of space, we are tenants who signed a lease that says we have a right to QUIET property enjoyment: intruders must fall back.

They don't have to know anything about a person in order to respect their time and their wish to be left alone though. If they want to make it about themselves, they're more than welcome to do so and they're more than welcome to prefer closer relationships with the people who live nearby, but the people who live nearby have an actual choice in the matter and the problem with bulldozers is that they don't respect free choice and they persist until they wear you down, but that's not going to work on me.

I did not personally sign up for a mandatory "village" of unfounded and illogical false obligation based on proximity in a downtown high-rise of all places (super unwarranted) and what they have to do is focus on the people who have the same needs as them and kindly leave the rest alone because times have changed and it's now 2024 where you can't legally force people into unwanted social relationships (psychological safety and respecting basic boundaries to choose who we allow into our private lives of all things.

things: this belongs to the individual person to choose and decide).

Go monitor someone else's laundry schedule and go wait for someone else's late night arrivals when no one else is around. 

They want to paint personal space as being cold and distant when in reality, it's a social grace to give space to people that you don't even know because that's actually humanity and basic dignity and autonomy over who is allowed in our private lives or near us, this is so basic.

You don't have to know anything personally about a person in order to know that they are going to look out for you if there is a safety threat or an emergency that they see, that's natural common decency and does not require being friends because I'm more than happy with a quick smile and a nod ***because that's as close as I want to be and I don't have to get any closer to anybody than I want to be*** just because they're trying to force me. There are laws against unwanted forced relationships and repeatedly following people's schedules, but nothing obligates me to accept unwanted connections or appease them about my personal boundaries around my home.

Everyone else is cordial, there were just two monitoring spirits who thought I would not speak up about having my comings/goings monitored and watched? 

I am difficult to ambush and trick into forced connections by people who stand out from the rest who mind their business because they went on a smear campaign when most people back off easily if it was genuine kindness... These people just really had nothing better to do than to monitor my schedule for over a year and bother me in my own personal private sanctuary like parasites who cloak it as friendly, that's actually coercive on a lower level.

No beef, not worried about anything except only two jobs and a health condition, just busy and not interested. I am not here for the same reasons as them so they should find OTHER options for companions. 

No, social relationships are *NOT* a requirement and I did not sign up to be PESTERED, but ceasing to interfere with my QUIET property enjoyment is a requirement and the landlord is liable for making that happen, now, they would not want to try me again would they?

My privacy in my space is a right, their intrusion is their want.  

People have a right to want to be LEFT ALONE and nothing beyond a polite smile, nod, or greeting in passing should be forced onto anyone. 

***I have a very difficult time believing that pushy people have good intentions for you, that is very silly to believe that it's all rainbows and sunshine because genuine people back off and don't hijack (watch closely) your comings/goings and demand home time or wait for your arrivals when not a housemate (icky).***

People who show excessive entitlement to the time, energy, attention, and resources of others are only going to get worse over a span of time as the disregard of your space only grow (the cloak of friendliness is hard to believe when the persistence and anger at basic boundaries was intense).

I don't deal with people who do this in the first place. 

If they're not your roommate, your housemate, or your actual family, or from your household, they have no business personally monitoring your every move: in addition to your arrivals to try to force their way into your life after non-verbal signals of disinterest (safer especially if they're the type to wait for your arrivals seemingly intoxicated and WITHOUT SHOES ON WHICH IS ODD).  

We CHOOSE who we allow into our lives, the most basic tenet of human autonomy and home isn’t NOT the time to bother me persistently whether it is to try to force unwanted connections repeatedly over and over or try to make my UNAVAILABILITY about themselves as they are not owed any part of my life automatically. Physical proximity is not mental presence. Someone could be a great person, but I may not have the time to sustain that connection because I'm busy and I have every right to choose to live the way that I live with multiple jobs and nobody's going to get in the way of that with their entitled attitude.

I wonder if the people who think that physical proximity means that we are roommates or housemates and that they should have undeniable access to your time and be able to bother you whenever would be able to handle my workload and health conditions. Not likely! 

I also don't deal with people who associate with people like that because they're all part of the little gang. 

Did they really think it was my responsibility to defend my boundaries around my own home and safe space? Minding your business shouldn't be that difficult.

Proximity isn't automatic trust and access. It's not paranoid or mistrusting, it's common sense and logic, it's called boundaries. 

You should be able to say no to anyone at any time for any reason without being bothered further about it. Saying no to an unwanted connection has nothing to do with being mad, it has to do with having a choice and if they choose to make it about themselves, they're trying to waste my time further because they cannot respect rejection of unwanted social relationships?  

Random thoughts:

Causing me not want to come home late to avoid having this person wait for me at my arrivals UN-INVITED?

Changing my laundry schedule to avoid his accomplice who lurked like clockwork each time the load was ready for the dryer?

Spraying WD40 on the patio door of the balcony junk-throwers won't change the fact that I can identify the direction it came from. This is not even creative anymore.

Listening to door latches and garbage latches to force themselves into people's day and straight up delay them with utter disregard for people having places to go? Ambushing isn't a genuine greeting in passing, it is controlling and demanding. 

Why was one of them popping up in the laundry room, staring me down, and leaving - when they had no reason to be there other than lurk and I did follow a sporadic schedule, what is interesting about me doing laundry? I didn't notice it at the time but over span of time, some of my undergarment bags were open and the zipper is actually very strong so I don't think the laundry machine did that.

There's no way that throwing a tantrum and slamming the door in January 2024 was caused by wind resistance when patio doors are iced shut... He gave me angry energy and major stare down before he went back to his apartment because I did not want to stop and engage with him as I did not feel comfortable with someone waiting for me at 11 PM when I'm coming back from the gym and I wonder how this person was supposed to know that? 🛡️

Even if he was just lurking in general, I'm exhausted after a long day and I don't need my sleep schedule delayed with ADHD and I think it's very disrespectful to ambush the day of people that you don't know and who actually don't owe you entertainment. At that time, he had already started, recruiting his cronies to do his dirty work.

I trust he also recruited people to complain about my general safety camera on my door, I live alone by choice and I love it, and I have to protect myself, and this is not the same as monitoring random people's schedules like THEY do!

If they didn't want me to get a camera for my door, they should not have tried to force me into unwanted, social connections, do we not see the link here? and then they wanted to make my boundaries mean some thing about them if they hadn't done that in the first place, I would not have felt unsafe. Overall, being personally monitored by unknown individuals (not the same as public safety measures and general safety tools) against your will deeply disrupts your sense of safety, privacy, and personal boundaries, making it a deeply unsettling and inappropriate experience.

Why wait for me at night in the lobby at 11 PM? With no shoes on and intoxicated? Have I not made it clear that I'm not interested in befriending these people as I DO NOT HAVE TIME OR ENERGY?

Their angry tantrums (mad at the existence of boundaries, not how they were set as we owe no explanations, just firmness and clarity) show a different side than the docile person who seems very intent about breaking down the guard of those young enough to be his daughter! 🤮 

They say it's innocent but then why don't they back off easily and if not me, who is next? 🤔

Following people's movements is not friendly, it's disgusting and CLEARLY shows they had an agenda as a group of bullies who are now concealing it because they got caught. 

Reasonable people don't need to be told not to monitor the schedule of strangers and pop up on them and lurk like pestering-hounders-lurka-saurus-rexes in the first place, it wouldn't be this difficult to get them back to back off of my PRIVATE home time OFF-limits if they were a reasonable person. They call monitoring the comings and goings of strangers friendly?

Anyone who tells you to deal with people like that directly is lacking life experience or has no idea what they're talking about.

Making it my issue to appease their feelings about boundaries, which are not about them after they have already retaliated as a gang because I'm not interested in socializing with them, that's crazy.

It's not on me to deal with or reason with people who are the types who are going to keep track of my comings and goings (and retaliated as a gang) just because they have a problem with my boundaries being different than theirs and who would react poorly to boundaries and the first place, and who want to make a scene about my door sign, and camera in the first place. 

If they were people I could reason with that easily - they would back off and would have respected disinterest the first time, I wouldn't be having this issue in the first place. I don't have to have dealings with who has made me uncomfortable in my own home time! How did they know what time I was coming back at night? How did they know what time I was doing laundry even if I changed my schedule 25 times?

I am not revealing any personal information to appease no one. That's NOT a requirement and they do not run this place either. 

Mad they could not HIJACK my personal space (indirectly demand access to me in my own home) and acting like they're "owed" explanations when they do not know me from a can of paint and there is no logical basis for this is very parasitical, entitled, and demanding for no reason and sets off my instincts (there is an agenda as it's trying to manipulate their way using "proximity" as a tactic to break down my GUARD). 

Work is consecutive un-interrupted time and so is relaxation time (un-interrupted, there is NO available time to bother me in my home space and as they have seen, I will defend my space that I pay for against nuisances).  

I'm not damaging anyone's property. I'm not bothering anybody, but somehow they did weird shit. One of them would stick their heads in my grocery orders at my door, wtf.

Feeding into their hands with a reaction or a confrontation is exactly what they want, don't do that. Protect yourself. 

It is baffling that they invest so much energy in scrutinizing those who mind their own business. The notion that they believe I owe them anything beyond basic courtesy is absurd.

Delaying people is rude.

Making demands on people is rude.

Monitoring people is rude.

Getting in people's way is rude.

Being mad they did not let you hold up their sleep schedule is low-key wild, who invitee you to ambush their comings and goings? Why are you waiting for people's arrivals? I would never do that to anyone who is a stranger and expect them to be happy about it! I have shown no iota of interest, which makes this even more hard to fathom.

If I had shown any interest, they could have said that I brought it upon myself, but this is why silence is the best response to foolishness and behaviour that breaches socially acceptable norms (don't follow people's schedules, stop trying to wear down their guard, respect disinterest, no one "owes" you a social connection based on proximity in 2024).

Having to explain being visibly rushed to those who throw tantrums over our days not revolving around them (based on proximity as if that warrants automatic unwanted connections) is not something I have time for.

Demanding their information is rude.

Disrupting my workday repeatedly because they caused a scene about my camera / do not disturb door sign (respected by MATURE adults who have lives) because they wanted to make it about themselves? I'm not the one monitoring the lives of strangers who bother no one. I'm also not going to deal with people directly who have clear tendencies to throw tantrums about boundaries different than theirs and run smear campaigns against one person, whether it's a direct one or indirect through retaliation and mischief. 

Keep your dog leashes to yourself and off my door and keep away from people who don't want to be bothered with your antics.

You don't treat bothering people who bother no one like a misunderstanding, you protect the target, and you don't put the onus on them to "reason" with unreasonable people who resort to monitoring and bothering people and prowling on their arrivals at night when no one is around - even after they showed disinterest.

You also don't tell the person to confront them directly because they will twist your words against you and they will pretend that they didn't do anything at all and they will make excuses for themselves so I give them that opportunity? They will also find ways to make it seem like you caused their behaviour somehow.

If these people feel like they can demand explanations about my boundaries, which have nothing to do with them, they're way too entitled and already far too much trouble.

The door camera was the best decision I've ever made being around people like this! It may have made me a bigger target, but it actually protected me. 

Welcome to 2024 when there are laws protecting our personal space from intruders masquerading as friendly.

I am not a clown or paying money for tolerating intrusiveness (I am owed QUIET property enjoyment) when 99.9% of people mind their business more easily... which respects space... and would not only never wait for my arrivals at night when no one else was around especially (and two of them repeatedly trying to match my schedule to ambush me - after I changed it 25 times - and get in my way to force themselves into *my* private life: that doesn't sit well with me and I am not responsible for their reactions to my personal safety boundaries), they would *not* expect me to reward such foolishness with engaging as I don't dignify or condone such nonsense or waste more of my time on it.

I signed a lease agreement, not a rooming house forced housemate agreement. 

Retaliating against someone for not stopping when they're in a hurry and they are working multiple jobs? That's wild.

***Having the spare time to even think of retaliating against someone because they keep to themselves and they don't have spare time like you do and are struggling with many jobs to keep up with?***

I don't think that's a me problem. That's not inclusive, it's controlling! I think they need a hobby. Like I said, 99.9% of people are very cordial and graceful, but you will never catch them retaliating against you because you're choosing to keep yourself in the most private and sacred area of your life that is your home.

Love all means do no harm, but it does not mean ignoring clear signals of possible trouble, intuition, or having no boundaries.

There are at least genuine people who actually defended my DND door sign when it was scoffed at, but to be very honest anyone who feels entitled to interrupting the sacred home space of another person is not for me. 

There is NO reason to bother me in my space unless you're a *scheduled* maintenance person or in need of an ambulance. Do not bring me pointless drama about my general safety or boundaries acting like I owe you something other than not interfering with quiet property enjoyment, respect for space, graciousness. And proximity doesn't mean automatic trust, NOT AT ALL. 

I also think that running behind my laundry schedule and straight up watching me despite me changing it 1 million times was kind of crazy. I genuinely think they just need more things to do. Because nobody with the life is going to resort to that. But the "laundry schedule spy" does not bother me as much as the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to wait for my arrivals? If you're not in my household, you have no business monitoring me like that. I don't have the time to connect, it's part of life to RESPECT other people's limits and schedules and implying that you're entitled to barge in on their space or make them delayed/late (that has consequences on their obligations) isn't right (who wants to deal with that).

I am sure that ganging up on a stranger because they didn't get what they wanted from them is so friendly. Monitoring their laundry schedule like clockwork and overall schedule, then appearing unexpectedly and repeatedly (despite having to constantly work around this and change the schedule for over a year to test my theory), especially at night upon their arrivals and when alone, seems sketchy... Maybe you shouldn't have done that if you didn't want them to be afraid?

It sounds very friendly, there is nothing wrong here, it's not sketchy at all! 

I don't have to justify refusing a connection with anyone at any time. For ANY reason and to waste my time out of making it about themselves, that's so odd. 

They're not entitled to explanations, at all. If they want to make it about themselves and act like they are being targeted about my boundaries, it's probably because they were looking to cross them and now they can't so they are mad.

I'm not going to have this person or their cronies make random excuses for popping up at the exact same time as my arrivals or listening for door latches or elevator sounds to ambush me. I changed my schedule over 25 times in the last year and they still managed to orchestrate this. That's not right at all.

***Just a potential intruder getting upset because they can't *invade* your space. Why should they feel entitled to explanations about how you protect your own home? What relevance does their opinion have?***

I am not responsible for the feelings of people who have made me uncomfortable for over a year and orchestrated various ambushes and strategies to bother me in my home space. They certainly did not care about any of their impact until they got caught bothering me. 

That's usually how bulldozers operate, they operate in gangs and then they will play the victim card when you finally speak up and make you look like the one who is being difficult when in reality, there's nothing more odd than being mad at someone for being reserved in their own home space and making it about themselves. I highly recommend getting a life and if they're looking for younger companions to replace their previous ones, they can literally find them online or hire ESCORTS lol.

My instincts are set off despite the false cloak of friendliness, which is usually how they operate... and I'm going to trust myself. Anyone who tries to override my ability to come and go on time has no respect for me and I'm not interested in appeasing them. There's nothing kind about fierce imposition that was unrelenting for over a year. That's not befriending someone, that's pretty obvious that there is an agenda here. I dismantled that agenda very nicely. I don't think they're worried about whether or not they did something to cause me to keep to myself, that's literally how I operate, and I don't have to explain that to most adults because most adults are too busy to worry about these things, I genuinely think they wanted something because they were relentless. It also stood out because 99.9% of people are very cordial, but they mind their business so the fact that these people went out of their way really stood out in a bad way.

Kind is fine, but intrusive and forceful is not. But kind doesn't make demands and impositions.

My keen sense of personal protection kicks in strongly when I see imposition and persistence, especially when it comes to safeguarding the sanctity of my home. So when unfamiliar individuals seem determined to encroach upon that space, I naturally raise some concerns about their motives. 

People have a choice.

Force erodes personal choice, which is the opposite of human dignity and the erosion of personal autonomy. 

There's no requirement to spend energy or time we do not have and be late for our commitments for people who do not respect our time, but simply want to siphon it for their agenda (as shown by their dramatic reactions to normal boundaries around our sacred sanctuaries, time, energy, and running our days on time aka being responsible grown up with our own lives as there are consequences to being late).


Love all means harm no one and obey the law, but respect to me is giving people their space and not trying to dominate them even in subtle ways or using "proximity" to force yourselves onto them. 

I am not a "fit" for anyone who feels they're entitled to force people into anything "closer" than a quick polite greeting, smile, or nod in passing because they want to use you and bulldoze the most SACRED private time of a person's life: their home/sanctuary: you don't "have" to know anything about me to know I won't rob you, steal delivery notice cards, be quiet for overall respect for noise, and that I naturally look out for mutual safety and report suspicious activities - nothing further should be required and I will *not* be reducing my scheduled commitments for those who want to get in the way so forcefully and whine that some people nod and keep it moving: do you manage multiple jobs? No? Didn't think so, so why do you feel the need to bulldoze? And then to gang up on one person, that's irrational, it's 2024, we are not in a tribe or rooming house (be courteous, respect time, space, noise, and safety... but be ***culturally sensitive*** around boundaries as well). People naturally guard their homes, get over it. Making an issue of my security system and DO NOT DISTURB sign stands to reason they were looking to keep bothering me, which kind of disgusts me. They can find people who have spare time, it won't be me.

I don't care if it seems small and insignificant, but anyone who is pushing for more more in intimacy (unwanted social relationships) than you're comfortable with (or than you have time for) and wanting to know too much about you too soon is usually someone who is going to be trying to push you around down the line and it's best not to find out. Them persisting for over a year is kind of odd for me. 

There is a difference between genuine people and then a bunch of people trying to use each other/find people to mess with/dump favours on/and whose lives they think they can barge into (for their wants at your expense) and call that a community and then they turn against you because you didn't give them what they wanted, sorry I have two jobs and I don't think it's exactly polite for them to interrupt people's days when visibly rushing and use that as a lame excuse to cover up their mischief and retaliation? That's a very disgusting type of thing to do. I hope the mischief was worth it because karmic consequences are on the way. They went out of their way to bother someone who doesn't bother anyone and that's kind of sickening. NO ONE OWES ANYONE FORCED CONNECTIONS.

I just think it's funny that there are actually people who will sit outside all day doing absolutely nothing, gossip, and those are the same types of people who are mad at the people who walk faster and can't stop (as being late has a cost) because they're trying to do something with their lives.

I would love to understand how minding my own business and being quiet in my own property is infringing on the right to property and enjoyment of others because I'm pretty sure that there is no requirement to socialize or make forced friends.

NO acceptable time to intrude on MY domicile exists. I work a lot and I give back a lot as well. 

Forced connections aren't love energy, that's control and dominating the free will of others, thus it is the opposite of dignity and human freedom.  

I keep to myself in my HOME space, angry about it? That's a them problem. I am not bothering anyone. I have MANY jobs and commitments and I am in a hurry 99.9% of the time. 

It stands out as orchestrated ambushing as no one else did that for 12 years living here and everyone is cordial and respects space and safety, but they do not make you defend your right to privacy and they do not barge in on your comings and goings or home! I have a right to peaceful property enjoyment and the convenience I pay for. I am NOT an extension of anyone's agenda.

I don't care if it's a five minute interruption, the same way that maintenance people should give notice before they just show up which is disruptive with or without a disability and shows disregard, your sanctuary should be treated the same and to think that you should have access to the sanctuary of a stranger makes absolutely no sense to me. This is ***my*** home. Being so entitled about causing people disruptions while not doing the basics of respecting peace, space, time, and scoffing at personal safety measures is wild.

I don't have to engage with anyone I'm not comfortable engaging with, don't have time for in that moment or at all if they want to be bossy about it, and I certainly don't have to explain to anyone why the personal space around my sanctuary belongs to me the fact that they act like they explanations for that (a very simple concept) and take that personally in the first place is actually not my problem and for them to retaliate and go on an underhanded mischief campaign is also not my problem.


PSA: My ring door camera is for catching Amazon package thieves, my safety, peace of mind. It is *motion activated* (not always recording). Footage is deleted daily unless someone tries to bother/rob me. I'm not interested in what others are doing, I have businesses/a disability.

Having a door camera may have made me a target but not having a door camera would have been a bigger safety risk for me.

No one genuine acts like I owe them dropping my guard! Personal safety measures don't bother genuine people.

Back to the main program:

Setting boundaries is fundamentally an act of self-respect and self-preservation, not an affront to others. When we establish limits on our time and energy, we are acknowledging our own needs and responsibilities, ensuring that we have the capacity to function effectively and healthily. This is not about denying others’ rights but about managing our own capabilities and priorities. Respecting our boundaries does not make us unkind or selfish; rather, it highlights a mature approach to managing our interactions and commitments. Being busy does not imply that one is dismissive, rude, or uncaring—everyone has the right to allocate their time as best suits their life’s demands. It’s important to remember that fulfilling one's own needs (your own household cannot burn down in favour of superfluous extras), personal responsibilities, and prior obligations is vital to wellbeing and filling the cup we pour out from especially with a severe disability, and choosing how and with whom to spend one’s time is a fundamental personal freedom (and also choosing our charities wisely).

We can wish everyone well and care about humanity, but also not have the time for everything. This is just part of life.

I do not owe private schedule or medical information to defend my HOME being DO NOT DISTURB space: 

There is nothing complicated about private and personal space, anyone making "proximity" mandate anything you're too busy for is making an issue out of nothing, the clear solution is do the basics, but leave me my space. 

I never signed up for a village of people who knock each other's door down at any time and think they can just drop by at any time because they want something from you because if you're not the one inviting that in then it's not mutual and a genuine "community" doesn't tell you how to spend your time and they don't try to control other people or try to hound you at your comings and goings. No one on this planet is entitled to explanations on how you manage your personal time, your personal peace, and your personal space, the people who have a problem with boundaries are the ones with the problem because I've never had to defend my personal space so hard against people who don't know me from a can of paint.

They act like they are "owed" access to your home space and personal time and that you report to them as Gods and because they mean well, they should be able to bother you and hound you. 

It doesn't matter if it's just 2 to 5 minutes, we cannot refocus after an interruption, which is why when people think they have an entitlement over your home space, it's disregard. That's your home. That belongs to you. You don't just show up un-invited in 2024. Courteous smiles and fast greetings are kind ENOUGH, someone from outside of your household has no right to expect entry into your own home space - much less ANY availability in your home time going about basic chores: I don't need an audience when I'm doing the laundry or taking out my trash, it's ridiculous, give people their space and mind your business unless they invited you to tagalong, it's wild to lurk on people. I don't think that's friendly, that's very intrusive. And no, you don't need to know anything about me in order for it to be a courteous space, my boundaries are on my personal space are not going to be justified to strangers who think they're entitled to explanations because they're choosing to make it about themselves and then they want to interrupt me further to hound me to get explanations as to why I want to be left alone? that doesn't make any sense. They're not the king of the village, they're not the person that is receiving my rent, the property manager is. 

Do you think I'm interested in stopping to chitchat with people who clearly don't respect my time and don't care if I'm late for my sleep schedule and my day-to-day life and are literally getting in the way and decided to retaliate over nothing? Getting in the way for their own reasons because none of it is friendly, it's just some sort of bulldozing for their own gratification, because our friendly smile is more than enough for most people!


  1. My private home space is not a common area. No one gets to intrude.
  2. Find similar people who want a village.
  3. Leave the rest alone in the peaceful quiet enjoyment that they pay for and stop trying to conjure situations or cause drama to bait them into engaging (feeding into it with a reaction or confrontation is what they want) and manipulate the concept of proximity as frankly, only the basics of courtesy are required and personal private information is never requirement, nor is allowing anyone to get in the way of our commitments running on time just because they want something from us.

Setting clear parameters around your space and time and not having time for something or someone outside of your household is not actually harming anybody and it not infringing on their rights since you're a free-willed person, not an extension of them. It's basic personal boundaries. Cultural sensitivity means accepting that everyone has different boundaries.

You don't have to understand something in order to respect it and accept it. You're not God. 

I skip a lot of bullshit coming my way by minding my business, and if some people think that I act better than them, that's fine, at least I'm not the one disrupting the peace of others.

Some people want to bring bullshit my way because I'm reserved, but it's going to backfire and it's already starting to. 

I'm not damaging their property, I'm not getting in their way, and I'm not disrupting their peace in their own home. There's far worse things you can do in life than be reserved and keep to yourself. I am cordial, I hold doors, I'm very courteous, but I am not interested in having anybody randomly in my business or in my space: a very quick smile and nod and greeting should be more than sufficient, but anyone who is trying to push unwanted closeness, and unwanted relationships on any level is the one with the problem because proximity does not obligate me to that... I don't look to make friends where I live. 

It's a hard rule of mine: my brain is mentally shut off when I'm home because I'm there to relax and unwind, I'm not there to spend energy, I'm there to replenish my energy.

I don't think that persistence is a lack of reading cues only, though I think that it's more of a sign of disrespecting someone's clear disinterest. You can't just impose yourself on people. They have a choice too.

I mean, matching my schedule despite me changing it often, is that supposed to be normal? It is beyond intrusive to be that attentive to the comings and goings of a stranger who is not your housemate. 

We can care about humanity, but also not have time for everyone and everything.

Gracefulness is enough. They're causing nuisance by hounding people incessantly to force them and believing they have a right to knock people's door down un-invited (many work more than one job and it's not about being bad focusers, it's about respecting people's space without needing to understand, they're not the authority on the space of dignified humans). Some may appreciate that, some may not, so respect all people.

A few minutes is the difference between being late to your commitment versus not and frankly, I find it rude to demand that people be delayed or to get in their way or straight up just bulldoze. I don't find that kind at all. I find it quite controlling. It's best to focus on the people with spare time and literally leave the rest alone. People who are satisfied with a greeting and passing and not or a smile or not going to be satisfied, regardless of what you give to them because they are takers by nature. They are showing unfounded entitlement. They are also showing disregard to social and busy signals by retaliating against the boundaries of others all because they did not get their way.  

HOW do you justify getting in people's way though? 

***Appeasing, giving in, or dimming your busy schedule as if you're not a grown adult with life obligations is never the solution. Caving into what you do not owe in the first place would reward foolishness and pressure/forceful tactics.***

Pleasing people who don't respect your time in the first place is not the solution for them to stop bothering you.

As if managing a disability and two jobs is not hard enough, now I report to strangers who think that they are entitled to get in the way of the days of other strangers and lash out at them indirectly because they didn't stop while CLEARLY tired, stressed, or rushing? If a quick greeting/smile/nod isn't enough, too bad, their entitlement is their issue. I don't tolerate non-consensual unwanted forced connections as 99.9% of everyone else minds their business! This stands out as a little odd when some go out of their way to make themselves an issue in your life.

***I don't know why disclosing medical information is required to have your time and energy respected in the most intimate sphere of your life that is your home.***

I am private and reserved, how offensive of me to have a life. 

Genuine people respect space as that's dignity.

If you can't choose who you allow into your personal life, you have no freedom, humanity, control over YOUR personal space, and autonomy and that's the most basic choice a person can make for themselves.

Are we paying rent to be entertainers? Nope. I am not "on" at home, my brain is off and I am not here to be drained by energy thieves who think they come before my obligations. It's already too entitled for people who don't know me from a can of paint. Kindness backs off easily.

Making an issue out of their feelings about my boundaries/schedule constraints/disinterest and making it my problem is their problem: the solution was always to leave me alone in my home time/home space. If anyone feels bold enough to not only be intrusive, but watch your schedule as a group: you don't owe them any further time or engaging as rewarding foolishness isn't the solution (it stands out as no one else hounds people like that).

And why do they feel the need to insert yourself into their comings and going to the point of monitoring their schedule like a HAWK? 

They would NOT be hellbent on forcing their way into my life if they had no AGENDAS, no one is that friendly, there is clearly a MOTIVE if they followed my schedule for a year - laundry time included! They would come around to stare me down and leave, same with the hallway lurker at night. I am still shocked at how they learned my schedule that well? OMG. 

I should not feel watched by people I do not bother! 

***I am a busy and private person, but you can be sure that I will never steal from you. I will always watch for common safety and I will report any theft immediately, I will never make noise and I will never disturb others. I certainly WILL NOT get in your way or interrupt your day (common courtesy and respect for time) when you have places to be or a sleep schedule to follow or make basic daily chores take longer by inviting myself to follow you around LOL...***

That said, I CANNOT know everyone or do everything and UNFOUNDED pressure is NOT going to work on me. I also won't be someone who can have favours dumped on me or resources taken from me, nor will I tolerate someone's intrusion into my private space as it is unwanted and acquiescing to the demands of forceful people creating drama as a means to break my walls would reward childish bullshit.

Why get in the way and delay people? That's taker-energy, it's presumptuous, and I do not think they have any regard for the schedules and lives of others, as long as they can get what they want at your expense and they think that appeasing them is the solution to their underhanded ousting tactics?

I don't think you need to know anything about a person in order to respect the privacy of their own home, their time, their right to privacy/ need to be left alone, and get the general sense that they're not going to steal from you. A lot of people want to keep to themselves and live their own lives in 2024 and that's not a reason to retaliate against a person. There's no justification for that type of nonsense. We do not "owe" anyone entertainment or mingling, we pay for privacy and personal space, sounds like their wants are not above our RIGHTS.

Over-riding the space of others or their choice/ basic schedule obligations aka having busy live is showing emotional immaturity.  

This is not a rooming house or a fraternity. Them creating drama out of the air is not going to make me connect with them any more than I want to. I don't have roommates, but somehow I have roommate problems? Most ACCEPT busy signals and move on. I protect my OBLIGATIONS and punctuality! Trying to get in the way and being oh-so-bothered is their own personal problem as it's not being friendly at that point, that word is a cloak for something else and if you allow those people to get close to you, you will see that they are takers because being already entitled and intrusive as a stranger only gets worse from there. 

They don't pay my bills so they're not going to stall me coming in and out of my dwelling place, delay my obligations which could have late fees associated, sleep schedule, or anything for any amount of time beyond what I have to spare, which is actually NOT much: and I don't feel like anything beyond a graceful and polite smile or a very quick greeting in passing is required to be very frank especially with gossips and mischievous people who retaliate because you don't exist to cater to the whims of forced unwanted friendships you did not sign up for (something you do not owe them).

Unless you're in need of a 911 emergency or ambulance, there's really no reason to intrude on my home time for random nonsense. 

Usually, if they want to "break the ice" that forcefully, there's a motive. I am observing pushy and chaotic behaviour, not merely ascribing intent.

Some want privacy and someone to social