Inflexibility or Clarity?

Inflexibility or Clarity?

Honouring the basics of your baseline of health, recharge time un-interrupted, your existing commitments/ quality control is missing out on nothing as anything meant for you will fit seamlessly. 

The “means” has to fit *your* daily vision, speculative ROI is a trap and not real.

Even if it was real ROI, the cost has to be worth it for you.

Constraints are inflexible? But is burnout better? No.

I cannot be "missing out" on anything meant for me.

Inflexible bed time and health regimes will be my trademarks. 

I am not interested in showing "open-mindedness" as if something that I already know does not fit my vision was going to get me to my ultimate vision?

Extreme adherence to a schedule got me into Forbes via my own merit, not some random labour-intensive connection. 

My own effort in a few directions maximum is what helps me avoid ADHD paralysis as even considering anything not in alignment is an energy drain.

It is very possible to have immense clarity even if not everyone has it, I do, and I love and own it.

ADHD/insomnia/nap buffers are more important than what whoever thinks of whatever.

I am not swayed not negative-sounding labels that vilify differences (rigid or inflexible, when it is a severe disability with zero margin of error) or people who choose to make your protective measures mean something about themselves when your differences have nothing to do with them (nor do you owe them explanations).

Before my diagnosis (ADHD), I was missing a massive load of spiritual acuity that I have now received - that's why my limits are respected (not rigid, but respected). 

Having obligations in life and needs in any equation (reciprocity) makes you difficult to use, exploit, and manipulate. This repels the wrong business deals and wrong connections, which is good.

Never beg for consideration. Having it be natural / organic hit different.

I love my quiet "do not disturb" time be it gym (private time where I show up for my own oxygen mask first) or sacred relaxation, some like other forms of recharging: everyone is different and I don't have an error margin as there are consequences to missing required recharge time: hell to pay with emotional and sensory overload. Live and let live.

If they're not from your immediate household, they are not authorized as an exception to these limits nor to comment on to your duly rigid health constraints which preserve your baseline function/choice to work.

A lack of guaranteed rest time overall is what burns people out, a side hustle doesn't burn anybody out. Creativity is limitless, time isn't. If you don't have guaranteed rest time from one day to the next, it doesn't matter how many hustles you have. Learned that the hard way.

You put what YOU value first and that's personal integrity with yourself. There are more layers than their level of consciousness would allow them to fathom if they think you live to appease them (those outside your household) in the first place behind your clarity of purpose.

The percentage of detriment to you that is acceptable in the pursuit of anything is:


Never compromise your health for any hustle, you will lose every time: it has to fit your time budget at the onset. You need to have the energy to begin with before you spend frivolously.

I now plan my life around my health condition, rather than the other way around because my wellness is the baseline for the functioning of everything else, and I would not have it any other way. I don't pour the leftovers of my time into my health condition, it's the baseline. 

In order for a compromise to make sense, you must first be responsible for the issue at hand and your health is never an acceptable compromise especially for anything outside your own household. 👏

Loving what you do doesn't change the basics of guaranteed rest, this is humanity 101.

It doesn't matter whether it's kids, managing a disability, taking care of family, or anything at all: when you focus on truly resting when you're supposed to be resting, then you're able to work (or give back within your chosen methods of showing up and virtual is enough for the worthy-of-you) with real intensity during designated work hours / it's all about balance. 💙

Just like medication doesn't cure ADHD, medication doesn't cure insomnia... It's chronic - lifetime - incurable. Not resisting the reality of it needing to be worked around is what sets people up for working with it, not against it (when it fits the work itself). 💙✨🙏

Disrespecting your innate limits is not adaptability, it's insanity.