Disabilities Are Already Challenging Enough!

Disabilities Are Already Challenging Enough!

People with severe disabilities that choose to work are already showing a lot of ambition... all else is a bonus. 💙💙💙

In my personal experience, I find great solace in mastering a craft, which allows me to navigate with ease even my toughest days.

People may say this lacks excitement, well for me, I battle invisible battles daily with ADHD, that's more than enough!

When seeking more excitement, I delve into writing additional blog posts for a brand deal, stepping slightly out of my comfort zone while still respecting my boundaries.

Understanding my body's needs, including exercise, rest, and sleep, isn't a sign of lacking ambition; it's essential for overall well-being.

Why would I want my foundation shaken up for the sake of "adventure" when I can get that through a side-hustle that I get to manage on my own terms when I want?

Differentiating between clarity of life path and comfort zones requires deep self-awareness and mental growth. 

Establishing a robust foundation for long-term wellness breeds a genuine sense of knowing what you want, this world rewards people who show staying power as well. I am not a thirsty opportunist who jumps at anything more shiny if it destroys my longevity.

My health is how I measure success actually... I already got my Forbes feature for my business so I'm pretty happy to be honest with where I'm at... I'm not complacent or lazy, I have a disability that is permanent and severe and I'm still choosing to work.

I only accept needle-moving work for my business and everything gets screened heavily (I only accept deals that respect my time) and I have made more progress as I focus on wellness-first, interesting how that works!

Slow (or reasonably paced) and steady is longer-term thinking.