How To Give Up Things That No Longer Serve You

How To Give Up Things That No Longer Serve You

What are you done experiencing and what do you want to experience more of in your lifetime?

There are things in life that just don’t serve us - and we may never want to feel or do again. 

And then some things allow us to grow and create happiness - and we want to experience them more.

I challenge you to get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. 

On the left side, make a list of things that you’ve had enough of doing in this lifetime.

Examples of things that don’t really serve a purpose anymore in your life and you may be ready to be done experiencing could include: staying out late, watching trashy tv, fake friends, not discerning between true support and controlling advice, eating food with no nutritional value, or stressing out over a holiday. 

Not all experiences that do not serve us are negative - many are just experiences that no longer serve us. You have done enough of these things in your life and do not need to experience them anymore.

This is not meant to deprive you, but to complete you.

Then on the other side of that list, make a list of things that you would like to experience MORE of.

You are done watching too many hours of trashy tv and are excited to spend your leisure time learning and growing your mind.

You are done with dieting and are much more interested in learning to eat healthily and tune into your body.

You are done with whining, yet doing nothing to change it.

You are done with not putting plans and things you are grateful for in writing.

You are done stressing over the holidays and are excited to enjoy the time with loved ones.

What are you done experiencing in this lifetime? 

Journal about it!