Don't Play Around

Don't Play Around

It is a good thing not to allow just anybody around your kids and the same goes for your business. Don't let just anybody around your business or in on your plans, screen every single person who tries to work with you.

Some people want your trust so that they can play in your life and mess with your path, you need to just place people in the categories that they belong, you don't have to be mean or be nasty, but you do have to be very careful out here in these streets.

And do *not* accept "help" or advice from just anyone either. It takes too much mental energy to entertain nuisances concealed as help anyway. 

The people who mean you well will respect your boundaries the first time. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. It doesn't take a lot to screen someone in or out.

Takers will try to add stress to your life and then twist it on you to make you seem uncaring, but where does the basis of delusional obligation even come from if they're not from your household, dependents, or charities of choice? Literally delusional.