Red Flag: Persistence

Red Flag: Persistence

Your logistical and energy limits are not a reflection of anyone else and need not be taken as a personal attack. 💯

Limits on your mental space, personal space, energy, when you will and will not connect and who you do or do not have time for etc: boundaries protect your *right* to choices which is what personhood is about, you're not an inanimate object that random people can lay claim on.

Your right to choices doesn't infringe on others. You're not denying them of anything as much as some will act victimized by your limits, let them.

As long as I wish ill on no one and I bother no one, I have every right to be left alone in the segments of my private life which are "unavailable" time.

I'm there to use the amenities peacefully, while respecting the peace, space, and time of others.

So what if that's reclusive, I get to choose who I'm friends with, how many friends I have time for, and what I do with my life, and who I let into my life, because my individual rights still stand as protecting my own rights does not infringe on other people's, but their shady entitled attitude is infringing on my privacy. Oneness means do no harm, but also: live and let live.

No one has a right to force any level of closeness on anyone else and act like they're the mean ones for refusing, that's a perfectly acceptable response to unwanted anything.

My energy: My choice. Less consideration is owed to those inconsiderate of you.

People have a right to keep to themselves especially if they have a disability and work multiple jobs, trying to force yourself onto them (cause delays or straight up get in their way) and "time" yourself accordingly to their schedule when they just do not want to be bothered (all while harming no one) is just odd as 99.9% of people do not insist and as long as people respect privacy: no further forcing of oneself onto them should ensue.

It is one thing to be at the same place at the same time, but not normal when they're intently staring you down and coming towards you which proves it as not a coincidence.