Reality Check

Reality Check

The idea of simply "making time" is often considered a myth because essential activities like sleep, self-care, and exercise can't be outsourced or condensed.

Pressuring oneself to fit in more than is realistically possible can lead to burnout and neglect of one's vital needs (for which we are responsible first as no one who respects you as a person will promote the concept of self-sacrifice especially for anything outside your own household first, that would be completely illogical).

If you can't pay for it in full, you can't afford it, if you don't have spare time for it, you can't afford it, don't spend time or money that you don't have. If you have to cut out a few hours of sleep for it, that's sleep debt, only do what you can do.

It's crucial to prioritize correctly and recognize limits to avoid undue stress and maintain overall well-being.

Robbing your dedicated time for mentally shutting off aka "health time" won't be required for genuine people who view you as a person rather than the leeches who believe that others are an extension of their agenda and have no responsibilities or places to get to in life or something.

You can't know everyone.

You can't do everything.

Real ones will respect your time that is "off-limits" without an ounce of disrespect and retaliation, the fools wouldn't understand even if you explained it so it's best not to slow yourself down for those types at all.