No Stupidity Please

No Stupidity Please

Like I said before, as long as they keep tolerating my unique disability requirements, I don't plan to leave my craft.

But if you're building a business for that purpose, please at least work part time so you're not worried about your rent payments? Are you kidding me? Promoting irresponsibility to sell their courses while convincing innocent souls to make stupid and fiscally irresponsible decisions that are going to give them too much anxiety to actually build a proper business and think CLEARLY (without extreme pressure), are you serious? 

I don't lack faith, I just have a sense of logic.

It's not mentally mature to think you'll attract abundance and wealth while having absolutely no income coming in just because you think your business idea is revolutionary. Why don't you pay your bills and build it at the same time?

Who glamourizes struggle? Why struggle needlessly? 

And besides, you couldn't do everything even if you did it full-time. 

It is not about not having faith, it's about not creating chaos for no reason and if you're genuinely passionate about your side-hustle and your business, why do you have to be backed into a corner to produce results? People with self-motivation coming from within don't have to put themselves in precarious situations to force themselves to do the work and what it takes because their motivation is already high without the unnecessary pointless chaotic circumstances that these people are promoting to you and trying to normalize just to sell their courses.

At least keep a part-time real job ***even*** when if you may be making double/triple your original salary in business because if your business is a "want" and not a "need" based service/product like gasoline/medication food: you must protect your stability in all market conditions!

Good luck focusing on business sales when you're worried about bills! Faith and level-headed decisions go together.

I personally ***love*** my craft, but I share this for those who are not grasping that gurus are steering you in a precarious direction with no guaranteed ROI. 

With building sustainably, I still have no intention to leave my craft and get off my chosen path or be steered in a precarious direction (it has to do with self-respect, not a lack of faith).

My intention is to pursue both - and because it's my own side of business, I get to scale back when I choose. I have that luxury because I chose two lanes. I love that for me and I don't mind the sacrifices.

For those who have a different intention aka going "all-in", please don't be dumb about it and please make sure your survival baselines are met because if you're worried about survival, you won't make good decisions no matter how stress-tolerant you are (pointless stress is bad).

The most important thing I have learned from having two lanes is that fulfilment starts in the mindset/mind. Putting as much love as possible in whatever you choose to do is going to make you happy no matter "what" that thing is. Everyone has a different set of needs as well. 

You can be spiritual and practical at the same time, especially if your in intuition tells you to stay practical because that's what fits best for you and your own nervous system's unique wiring. The final authority on your path in life is yours alone. Imposition shows agendas.