If what you are able to do with your disability is content / a brand on a part-time basis online isn't enough for some and they still want to encroach on your personal private time, they're not resonating with your brand or being so they don't deserve to be an issue in your life.

Disabilities are disabilities and have their requirements which exist whether or not someone comprehends that what might be easy for them is more difficult for us, and we don't have to be bothered by those who are bothered, we carry on and protect our mental peace how we need.

Your boundaries expose their intentions so set them early and often, otherwise you're wasting their time thinking they can gain something from you that you're not going to give or allow.

The right people will respect the limits of your availability, how you show up, and when you show up.  

They do not negotiate their rent amount or at the grocery store (because that's whack if they did), but they have no shame in trying to sneak a business owner's personal time to gain free consulting or something? Puh-lease! No opportunists as we're still real people with real lives with the right to disconnect fully so that we can continue to function at a baseline regardless of how much we work. 

Your mind, values, and life path are under your sole jurisdiction and ownership. Past the point of reminding you to rest and manage your wellness (in your own way), anyone seeking control over your mind is a bullet you must dodge as humanity rides on personal autonomy/free will.