Protecting Ourselves: Why We Must Recognize and Avoid Those who Degrade People Who Appear Weaker

Protecting Ourselves: Why We Must Recognize and Avoid Those who Degrade People Who Appear Weaker

In a world where progress seems to be constantly marching forward, it’s disheartening to acknowledge that there are still individuals who view saved weaker people, such as women, for instance, through a lens of degradation and objectification and that some people are still ignorant enough to see that as "friendly" when it is taking a form of unwanted intimacy by force and eroding personal autonomy and free choice. While some may argue that such behaviour is a relic of the past or a rarity in modern society, the truth is that it persists, sometimes lurking in the shadows of business, and social settings.

It’s essential to recognize that this behavior is not only unacceptable but also deeply concerning. Whether it manifests overtly or subtly, the act of viewing women in an animalistic, degrading manner speaks volumes about an individual’s character and integrity. 

While it’s commendable to believe in the power of education and enlightenment, there comes a point where the responsibility for change cannot solely rest on the shoulders of those who are targeted by such behavior. It’s not our duty to educate individuals who choose to view us as less than human; rather, it’s our obligation to protect ourselves from their toxicity.

These individuals, who may justify their actions with excuses or claim ignorance, are not to be trusted. Their behavior is a red flag, signaling a lack of respect for boundaries and a disregard for basic human dignity. Trusting them or seeking their company can place us in vulnerable positions, ripe for exploitation and harm.

It’s crucial to understand that such behavior often starts on a lesser level and can escalate over time. By normalizing their actions or making excuses for them, we inadvertently enable their behavior to flourish. We must draw a firm line in the sand, recognizing that breaching boundaries is not a matter of debate but a violation that demands protection.

This is not about being alarmist; it’s about being vigilant and proactive in safeguarding our well-being. By distancing ourselves from those who degrade women, whether consciously or unconsciously, we assert our worth and send a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated. 

I have no shame in being hated for being different or having my gender used against me in any way shape or form because I'm not the perpetrator so what do I have to be ashamed of?

They ruined own whatever-the-loss-may-be by doing what they did, you speaking up about it is quite literally within your rights because you're talking about your own life experiences and if they don't like it, that's not really your problem.

It's crucial to emphasize that the burden should not fall on us to feel comfortable around individuals who pose a threat to our well-being.

In other words:

This is not a matter of mere discomfort or misunderstanding; it's a clear-cut need for protection and should be treated as bullying (a form of seeking dominance over another person, sabotaging them behind the scenes, and seeking ways to delay, stall, disrupt their days and lives with covert intrusion tactics or interference disguised as kindness but the angle is truly dominance).

These individuals demonstrate a fundamental lack of respect for boundaries, which necessitates our separation from them (not further exposure which is the worst possible solution to a problem they created from their own self-hatred, only low-self-esteem sick individuals seek to undermine those they perceive as weaker, whether it is motivated by race, sexual orientation, or gender). It's essential to recognize that those who seek power over others to validate their own worth are inherently weak. 

Their satisfaction from degrading others and asserting dominance is a facade for their insecurity and lack of genuine strength.

Such individuals may attempt to undermine our sources of joy or disrupt our livelihoods (sometimes, this happens in business) out of a misguided sense of superiority.

However, it's imperative to understand that their power is derived from bullying and manipulation, rather than authentic strength.

If there is no basis for that contrived and forced connection to begin with and you don't even know them, there is no reason to engage with them in the first place because they're trying to bait you and force themselves into your life by creating drama out of nothing so why would you feed into their hands and besides, why would you feel comfortable around people like that in the first place?

If there is a real tangible basis for such a connection (for instance, family/business/socially), then you're going to have to deal with them with boundaries because you don't want to individuals your blissful life.

By distancing ourselves from these toxic and sick individuals who bring nothing positive to our lives (but like to siphon our energy to big up their weak selves up since their insides are dark, ugly, and empty), we reclaim our agency and refuse to participate in their destructive games.