It's completely okay to not resonate with someone without there being any animosity or conflict.

Compatibility is a multifaceted aspect of connections, and it's natural for individuals to have different interests, values, and goals. 

Not having much in common doesn't mean either person is wrong; it simply indicates that your paths may diverge, and that's perfectly fine.

No one I just met is entitled to tell me how to spend my time, disrupt my gym time, or make demands on my business which is a paid venture as online content and charity work is how I give back. I don't tolerate anyone who brings nothing to the table, not even basic support (just sneak disses and surly attitudes). GTFO.

It's not protection-mode, I am a creation of the Divine and worthy of all the protection, acceptance, and rewards in the world and I don't let just anyone near me or what I value. I don't mess with my oxygen mask as the right ones respect me putting wellness first. Villain era.