No Leeches

No Leeches

Anyone who respects you won't mind if you're unavailable for further connection or keeping in touch. We all have our time constraints and varying socializing needs. Some aspects of life are meant for mental recharge, and it's not your responsibility to cater to others at your own expense. Respectful connections should be consensual and reciprocal, except in the case of registered charity.

No one who respects you is going to disrespect your need for quiet time even if it's a higher need than others and they're not going to expect you to spend time that you don't have in your budget or try to push you around.

***Boundaries are healthy, they’re not true barriers nor are they difficult (imagine hating working around normal lines), it’s just that it inconveniences those who would prefer to use you and they'll always perceive your tone as rude when you're neutral/firm, they hate your free will.***

The only people who need explanations on your refusal to anything at any time are the people with whom you are in a committed relationship or business partnership, everyone else honestly, chill.

Although not everyone is like this, a lot of monitoring spirits are just trying to see what they can get out of you and they're looking for some sort of handout because they want their results for the work that they are not willing to do themselves, which is basically what a leech is. This is different from a registered charity or a genuine act of kindness on your behalf.

Everyone deserves time that is completely uninterrupted and completely private (basic humanity), and not infringed on or intruded on, why would anyone outside your household come before your survival/health requirement for quiet?

True development involves enhancing your emotional intelligence to prevent toxic individuals from manipulating you, mastering the art of restraint before responding to thwart manipulators from disrespecting you and shifting blame onto you for your reactions, and embracing the power of refusal to prevent those who exploit from taking advantage of you.