Maturity Over Popularity

Maturity Over Popularity

A stable foundation is much more mature, and it also means you can make better business decisions on the side because you're not desperate to take the wrong deals. You getting out of your comfort zone doesn't mean uprooting your life for no reason. You can play with your side ventures instead of playing with your foundation and grow that way.

I don't exist to entertain the people who don't live with the consequences of my decisions whether that's financially or medically. I'm not exactly interested in following the crowd - so to speak.

I think the people who say that you should go for your business full-time are the people who would do it themselves if they had the opportunity, but they're just projecting because I love both my lanes. I'm not judging anybody, but I'm just pointing out that it's projection.

It's not very popular to promote the concept of sustainability, but I don't care. 

Fast growth with a side of burnout or stable but slow growth with a side of health/personal responsibility?

A stable foundation seems unpopular in the "comfort zones are evil" mentality era, but how do you expect to achieve long-term goals without a sustainable base? Play with businesses, travel, go on adventures outside of that, but understand that peace removes desperate decisions and who would ask anyone to risk their baseline to impress them? That's purely sickening to me that anyone would put their ability to provide for their obligations on the line for non-guaranteed wages in the name of a "dream" when doing multiple lanes is possible if you comprehend the use of AI and time management.

I don't think it's ever people who are concerned about your well-being, medical wellness, and financial stability who are going to promote that kind of nonsense, so please keep that in mind (such people want to see you a course or veer you away from long-term and stable goals or don't understand basic math). Anyone who promotes taking on pointless stress that could potentially drive you to an early grave - instead of just admitting that some people can actually do both outside of the hours owed to either lane - are probably not your people.

I think that two lanes actually shows quite a bit of time management and work ethic skills whereas needing to only have "one lane" so you can focus on that one thing full-time just kind of tells me that some don't compute the concept that it's focus and energy - and not total hours as a digital business requiring more hours would be a red flag and mis-use of an abundance of automation tools!

I genuinely think that people with the happy life are capable of minding their own business and if they can't mind their business, maybe ask them what it is about their own life that makes them so interested in intruding on how other people live because to be very frank, there are multiple ways to live life and to pursue various hobbies and dreams and it's not a "one size fits all approach" and those incapable of accepting that don't have the mental flexibility required to be a credible source that you'll even listen to (always look at whether the source of destiny-thieving has an agenda as most trolls come cloaked as false friends and false mentors whose masks will slip eventually).

No one with a disability needs anything that doesn't have actual coverage for when life happens so the "glamorization" of entrepreneurship/investors is straight up irresponsible and usually by people who have never done it themselves, how ironic!

The hours you put into a digital business have nothing to do with ROI provided you're working on the correct things and if you're able to use AI at a newborn/basic level, you're not going to need more hours. There is not a big difference between 5 hours a week and 25 hours a week - so why would you need to spend 40 hours on a side-hustle? I'm very confused. The mentality that more is better is not one that I subscribe to.

I need mental clarity to function with ADHD, which means that if I do not not have a full day for crashing out per week, I can't function at all, regardless of what I do for a living so with this medical consideration, a combined mix of stability and a digital side-hustle works.

It is utterly nonsensical and impractical to suggest that anyone should jeopardize their housing for the sake of pursuing a random dream. In reality, it is possible to maintain a job while working on a side hustle if you manage your time effectively. Advocating for such irresponsibility shows a complete disregard for whether you can meet your basic needs. Why would you heed such reckless idiocy/advice?

Measured approaches do not lack faith because faith doesn't pay your bills! 

The "leave your comfort" zone gurus clearly don't come with a medical degree and common sense if they're spewing that toxic advice to people with disabilities.

We're allowed to take up any space that we earned, no matter who appears inconvenienced by our different methods of doing business. 

You should be more worried about your financial obligations being paid while you're pursuing whatever it is that you want *on the side* because a lot of these ignorant/toxic people out there don't have to live with the consequences and they don't care if you live or die: you're the one that's responsible for your financial and medical well-being, even more so if you have a disability or children. 

Why would I limit myself to only one lane when I already know how to leverage systems? Putting myself into a precarious situation just because some people don't understand how to leverage AI is kind of insane. Why do certain random people (who bring nothing to your life) think they can dictate how many lanes someone has in total?

Limiting yourself to one lane is not the presence of faith or the absence of faith, it's the absence of mental creativity, prioritization, efficiency, and mental flexibility. 

Trust me, anyone who encourages jeopardizing your basic ability to provide for yourself (by yourself if you so choose that independence) isn't trying to make sure you're "happy" - they're looking to create chaos for you like vultures from hell with a cheap excuse for their apparent toxicity. 

The moral of most of my stories is that people should mind their own business (especially people you didn't invite into the "life decision" realm of your life).  

You're allowed to kick out unwanted guests, especially ones with sneaky agendas.

Many smart people are risk averse, and unfortunately being broke and making good business decisions doesn't go together because the energy of money is attracted to existing income streams and you're just not going to be making good decisions when you're desperate.

Although I have no intention of leaving my craft, this is for the people who probably have a desire to do so and are projecting on me to go full-time into my business because that's what *they* would do if they had the opportunity, I just wanted to point out the fact that perhaps they're the ones who are unhappy with their choices because they wouldn't be so obsessed with mine otherwise.

I'm very happy with both my lanes.

And again, a digital business isn't required that many hours to operate and I would not operate it for 1 on 1 work or anything like that even if I had the time.

Smart people also don't hire people without years of their salaries saved because they understand what it's like to be responsible for the ability of other food on their table, which is precisely why I only deal with contractors.

I am very risk-averse when it comes to "stupid" risks that are glamourized by people who apparently lack common sense, life experience, and who also don't have to live with the potential medical consequences: and I don't remember asking anyone what they thought about it. 

If nobody asked them what they thought of someone's life decisions, they should be prepared to be told to mind their business point-blank.