Spotting Snakes

Spotting Snakes

Identifying someone with an agenda involves paying attention to their behavior.

Watch for consistent flattery, excessive charm, and rushed intimacy (be it friendship or eroding the trust-building process which requires your agreement and non-coerced choice) as manipulative tactics.

Be wary if they often interrupt or dismiss your opinions, disregarding your boundaries.

Notice if they're quick to ask for favors or try to create a dependency.

If their interests align solely with your resources or connections, it may indicate an agenda.

Trust your instincts and observe how they handle disagreements and rejection – manipulators often resort to guilt, emotional blackmail, fake gifts, fake ties of fake obligation, or sneaky pressure.

Appearing caring and concerned (when there is no reason to be) is one of the other ways for snakes to try to pry their way into your barricaded and private life (to which they're not invited for any reason).

Watch for those who discourage your ambitions. You may have to change your methods accordingly to your health conditions if you have one, but nothing is impossible. Specific sports are not reserved for specific genders and specific outcomes are not reserved for those who are normal in terms of brain function.

It is always the people who are unwilling to put in the extra work and extra sacrifices who try to come after those who are putting in the work just so that they don't see them evolve past them, but it all comes back in due time.

Fake people know what they did to cause your new and rightful distance, but they have no sense of personal responsibility.

They think people should accept any and everything with a smile. They can save the crocodile tears and their fake "well-meaning" unwanted-anything cover-stories, we know by now that repeated unwanted interference is control in a clown costume to distract and detract from the sabotage/mental drain/time wastage (effect) taking place.

Lastly, be cautious if they show little interest in your well-being outside their goals to make you abandon yourself and your vision for them (yet they're not from your household and there are no prior ties to them). 

It's like someone you just met acting like a soul mate, holy heck no.

Genuine kindness wants nothing in return (unless there is a prior agreement in place) and genuine people meet disinterest with backing off, you'll never see anyone without an agenda trying to dominate someone with invasive questions, intruding on their personal life, monitoring them, or trying to remove their free will and dignity under any guise as genuine people do not seek to control other free willed beings and they never retaliate against boundaries (as if their permission for prioritizing your own mental health and survival was required).

Intrusions on privacy are *not* well-meaning, it's a snare so be aware of liars and those who believe them. They want to justify their violations of your basic rights which is pure scum.

Another type of snake is the usual hater, such a hater has the profile of lying on your name. It's a hater 2.0.

Haters may invent lies about someone due to jealousy, insecurity, or resentment. Those who believe the lies might be influenced by confirmation bias, seeking information that aligns with preconceived notions. People often engage in gossip or false narratives to feel a sense of belonging or to justify their negative feelings toward the person. Believers may not critically evaluate information or use their brain, contributing to the spread of misinformation. 

The only way to win in life is tearing someone else down because they cannot create their own win otherwise? I have to say that I feel genuinely deeply sorry for such an existence. I somehow think that's more time-consuming than doing the actual work itself, but maybe not. 🤔

Anyone who is mad that you have limits or set limits is not concerned about you, they are concerned that you are not a willing participant to exist as an extension of their agenda for you and that's nothing but a gain for you. I don't bother with people who don't respect my time.

*Love* and *like* are different.

Love all, trust (like) few.

Love all means some should be loved from a distance (like demons/nuisances, for instance), we're called to test the spirit and guard our hearts as evil does exist and being blind to this is just straight up silly.

Love all means wish people well, it doesn't have to go further. Trust few is wisdom. Trying guarded people is never smart. You won't get anywhere with that. 

I don't know if it's still unclear, but your own wishes towards someone else will return back to you... sometimes it's double, sometimes it's triple, sometimes it's tenfold. It just depends on how frequently you wish ill on others. Leaving people alone is the best way to go.