Optimizing Your Sacred Sleep & Routine Holistically

Optimizing Your Sacred Sleep & Routine Holistically

Fitness: Having a workout routine that is sustainable and efficient can work wonders for enhancing the quality of your sleep, but optimizing your sleep can also work wonders for the quality and sustainability of your workout routine.

Essential oils: It takes a few seconds to diffuse essential oils to create a spa-like atmosphere in your room. Some favorites include lavender oil and chamomile oil. I know many people like to drink tea before bed, but I like the efficiency of roll-on essential oils or diffuser oils.

Journaling: Keeping a journal by your bed may also help release any worries or to-do items you do not want to forget so that you can rest easily without stressing over those things all night.

Atmosphere: Adjusting the temperature of your room to your liking is also important for your comfort.

Relaxation: While I recommend that you please consult your health team before starting any new health or supplement journey, I personally recommend a combination of stretching, foam rolling, and supplements that have been vetted by a health team. Anytime that I can boost my sleep safely - I totally will consider it.

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