Humans may have a need for socialization and I agree, but we have to choose wisely who we share that need with because there is nothing worse than bad company.

You have an obligation out of self-respect to choose your friends wisely because people who don't care where they're headed in life are not going to respect your time or energy, worse, they're going to act entitled to your short attention span while bringing nothing to the table but stress.

For the flakes... It's only fair to be inconsistent with flakes who have been inconsistent with you, I'm not going to train people in my life to act like they can just come back whenever they please, if you have not invested anything anything in my heart, what do you think you're going to get?

You could always be doing “more” but it’s not your responsibility to appease. Labour-intensive connections are a sign of “un-winnable” as real ones will respect your time and energy limits with ease and not try to subtly push for more which can break your focus circuits fully.

You're not responsible to anyone's else's reaction to you being responsible for your own needs or boundaries (all without infringing on others or taking from them in the process). If you can, steer clear from those kinds of draining and exhausting people as best as possible. 

Stay away from people that you have no business being around!

Self-compassion: Due to having to cram my life into 6 days a week rather than 7 due to ADHD crash day which keeps me burnout free due to insomnia, I am unable to be everywhere and I no longer make apologies for managing my health/disability. 💯

If you let individuals who aim to break your boundaries into your life, you'll ultimately harm yourself. Therefore, it's best to avoid such unduly combative people altogether.