Mental Transformation

Mental Transformation

Time for self-care is not only critical, but you should be able to live a life where it's not going to be taken over by other lanes and it's actually guaranteed as without time to release mental pressure, you end up living in a pressure cooker and exploding later. Unhealthy.

The trigger for this massive mindset shift towards living a sustainable and balanced life was that I got rid of the thought pattern that I am invincible, and that health is guaranteed, it is *not* guaranteed, it is earned every single day, and the rent is strict self-care.

Self-respect: doing what’s best for you without harming others because no one is responsible for your obligations, and your household, except you.

Selfish: acting like others owe you something like living their lives your way to please you, trying to use others for personal gain.

Oxygen mask = self-preservation and self-respect, don’t be a fool.

If someone who isn't your child or dependent wants to toy with the oxygen mask of a person with a disability:

They are telling you that they do not care that whatever they want to use you for could put you into the red zone or slowly kill you as it causes compound self-neglect.

Whatever rest levels you need to guard with fences and bouncers, dependents aside, to stay in the workforce and provide for yourself with a disability, do it.

How much time you spend managing your disability outside of your other obligations is entirely up to the uniqueness of your situation, and anyone who gets in the way rather than it being based on mutual love - who is not your child or a dependent - is a liability.