5 Journaling Prompts to Inspire New Year Goals

5 Journaling Prompts to Inspire New Year Goals

Here are 5 prompts to get you reflecting on what you want your next year to look like and to get you to pull lessons from past experiences:

1. When trying to meet your goal, what frustrates you most? Why? How do you handle it? 

2. What is the most profound lesson you learned about taking small, slow steps? Why was it so enlightening? 

3. What is your biggest challenge when trying to look at yourself or a situation from a different perspective? How do you cope with the problem? 

4. How and why do you incorporate optimism into your routines and mindset to help you achieve your goal?

5. Many people want to be “normal” in order to fit in. List 5 reasons ways in which you would like to be more unique and stand out.