My Hair Routine

My Hair Routine

Weekly hair care refresh because it is porous just like our skin:

• Pre-wash (prior to shampoo) coconut oil/rosemary oil on scalp once a week.
• Pre-wash (prior to shampoo) deep conditioning mask on ends.
• Use facial steamer on hair after masking/oiling when I can, then do something else for 1 hour while this all marinates.
• Then wash hair as normal.
• Leave conditioner on for at least 5 minutes before.
• Towel hair wrap to expedite drying.
• Leave-in conditioner detangling spray and heat protector spray (I use the one for horses hehe and the Tresemme heat spray).
• Hair dryer to dry it as fast as possible as wet hair creates more knots.

Other tips:

• Mix rosemary oil with coconut oil or argan oil (carrier oil of choice), do not put it directly on your scalp in pure form... it must be diluted first.

• Only use clarifying shampoo once a month or after swimming to get rid of chlorine, this is almost like an exfoliant/microdermabrasion for your scalp and will destroy moisture levels in order to cleanse it. It serves its purpose, but should not be over-done as it may cause more damage than good and weaken your hair.

• Ghost Oil by VERB is awesome for fly-aways and to oil the ends on a daily basis during colder months.

• Cardio helps blood flow to all parts of the body, including your scalp.

• Scalp massagers may add a step to your oil routine, but when you can, why not.