Go Find Less

Go Find Less

As I come from nothing, and worked for everything I have, I really don't tolerate people stealing my hard work from me under any scheme or guise. 

A privately owned business (not offering public services, this is a "want" type brand) operates according to its chosen format and the disability of its founder, provided its online website adheres to web accessibility standards. Most influencers don't even include email access.

I'm transparent about what's included and what's not.

If something is "too expensive", there are free options on the Internet which do not involve robbing hardworking people of their time away from paid work, destroying their set-aside time for a health oxygen mask whether or not they have a disability and a fundraiser like I do, their financial wellness/security which is a survival need whether people live on their own or not, and robbing their efforts and hard-earned knowledge for problem-solving. Exploiters are skilled manipulators.

No one has any right to take you away from your own goals, it should be *mutually* aligned, not one-sided unless they're a registered charity of your choice. Everyone has resource constraints at some point in their life, but ethical people will not ask you to suffer for their problems as if you did not have a household to manage already. 

Ethical people also will not attempt to waste the time of a person with a disability!

If someone works extra, they’re to be rewarded, not stolen from.

If you're busy working without pay (destroying bandwidth) or entertaining parasites/hijackers who don't value your time (given them trying to negotiate you out of your vision) and will waste it if you let them, it will encroach on your time for health, showing how finances/survival affects health and vice versa. 

If someone's restricted work hours are limited stemming from a disability (aka me), I hold no exception because if you "know" me, you will be billed just like anyone else. 

A manipulator aims to make you feel mistaken, confused, or inadequate for having typical logistical constraints caused by natural personal obligations and basic health requirements, all in order to gain unrestricted access to your assets and your time.

People requesting discounts should recognize that it affects suppliers, potential staff, and fundraising efforts. Encouraging honesty in dealings is crucial, as our business relies on our intellect and expertise, and these people shouldn't try claim what they haven't paid for.

Entrepreneurs bear the responsibility of handling pricing queries and serving paying customers, regardless of team size. We have costs to cover regardless of how much we love it. Our time is valuable, and we cannot entertain queries from individuals seeking free advice (common sense and basic insurance coverage limits as well).  

It is really not logical for someone to do any type of work or labor, and bear no fruit. Passion does not forgo bearing fruit for your efforts.

Regaining control of our lives after chronic self-erasure involves releasing any narratives others create about us and disentangling from relationships that pressure us to go beyond our limits or fail to comprehend us.

I don't care if it's your first job or a second or third job, you are to be paid for all your jobs, otherwise that's depletion!

Why would I sacrifice the financial wellbeing of my company and my suppliers for people who think we do not matter in this equation and do not care for our financial wellness and value our scarce time? Absolutely not!

No withdrawals from your vision, without mutually aligned deposits, should be tolerated.

Never let the same person/people waste your time twice. People who try to milk more from you, even when they can see you overwhelmed and pretend to be confused or play dumb, mean you absolutely no good and would probably still try to use you if they were given the opportunity.

You don't need to care about what doesn't care about you (or claims to, but demonstrates the exact opposite actions). 

Those who harbor resentment and envy believe they're entitled, expecting something for nothing. They disdain those who invest effort, yet refuse to acknowledge or compensate them for their hard work, which I find absurd.

You do not need to allow anyone who isn't responsible for your survival or anyone who isn't your dependent(s) to take a driver's seat in your life. I also think that wasting the time of a disabled person is a sin. Utterly nonsensical, I absolutely restrict access to my life on various grounds.

I am not going to allow anyone to slow down the growth of my business, and to slow down the reach of the impact (which requires resources). 

Never invest in speculative returns or zero returns.

It is unacceptable to imply that wanting something to show or in return for services or labour rendered is wanting too much or unrealistic, wasting people's and talent time is what's wildly immoral. 

God/the Universe rewards the focused ans hardworking people who work with purpose, you reap what you sow and you have a right to your own rewards (not the rewards of others for those who try to steal the harvest of others while bringing absolutely nothing to the table).

Imagine working yourself into depletion for thieves who disrespect that impact and expansion do require money?

We don't have mental bandwidth to waste and we don't owe anyone anything who doesn't pay for it. One charity is sufficient. 

Such people have done absolutely nothing for you but give you headaches, but they feel entitled to your hard work? That's ridiculous. This type of entitled mentality is very dangerous.

We don't "owe" anyone our hard work or resources apart from our kids and dependents (and existing charity of choice as if that was not already enough - it is), no more people who think they're entitled to results they did not work for or services they did not pay for, they can go find less if they cannot afford it and stop trying to rob people of their time that could be spent on paid work to expand their business and make a bigger impact.

No one is entitled to your time, resources, energy, and attention except for dependents/kids and never try to use logic with the illogical or reason with the unreasonable (those with the emotional maturity of a peanut). Screen them out early.

My knowledge is up for purchase, not to be stolen.

Them "knowing" you entitles them to nothing! They have no concept of reciprocity and the same people give back the least, they're takers with no concept of boundaries by nature and they exemplify true greed: milking other people's resources for nothing and bleeding them dry without caring for the consequences on their wellbeing, future security, respect for time, and respect for various levels of oxygen masks. No one is evil for securing their oxygen mask first, a taker is the "rude" one for trying to impose or make demands on the time of others when these people aren't your kids or dependents (strangers, fake friends, or acquaintances).

Someone else having something doesn't take it away from another person, especially if they were putting the work and have earned it.

It is our right to gate-keep our time as if multiple lanes/health conditions/and so on was not enough... and there is no shortage of free knowledge on the Internet.

I am not going to have anybody come around me and spit on what I built from scratch (for a purpose), disrespect my time, fail to come correct, and devalue my brain's bandwidth or company operational constraints in any manner.

My brand deals have been equally yoked and following the terms any brand deal or sponsorship should, so acquaintances or fake friends who think they're special or entitled to anything: they need to go. 

You're the main character. Unless they're from your household, your kids, dependents, and so on: you don't "owe" anyone a seat at your table.

You're the leader of your life, you're not here to have anyone impose themselves on your limited time, life, or hard-earned resources when they think they can defy "reaping and sowing" and bring nothing but headaches and distractions (and destroy your focus in the process, while taking you away from the baseline conditions to your functioning for what actually sustains you first: protect and preserve your assets because the leeches may destroy you if you let them).

They need to come correct if they even want your attention from your limited attention span in the first place.    

If you walk into a store and something is too expensive, you would leave rather than steal... No one has a right to dump their resourcing issues on people who aren't responsible to and for them in the first place (this mindset shift makes you immune to the manipulations of leeches).

When I cannot afford something, I work harder - even with a disability with the intent to pay my contractors properly... 

Working for less than your worth not only undervalues your efforts but also undermines the entire premise of fair compensation for hard work. Accepting lower pay can create a cycle of undervaluation, affecting not only your self-worth but also the value of your profession as a whole.

Ultimately, understanding and acknowledging your true worth, and surrounding yourself with individuals who appreciate and respect that worth, are crucial for personal and professional development.

Entrepreneurs can select the deals and clients they prefer. I don't understand who these individuals are trying to deceive, but their actions are embarrassing, revealing their true character.

I mean, you get what you invest and if you invest nothing, I suppose your ROI is going to be a whole lot of nothing, surprising? Nope. Reality is what it is. 

It's delusional to demand something for nothing, especially in business. Undermining is unethical. 

lTrying to steal from someone is abhorrent, and I strongly oppose working with individuals of that nature in the future. I apologize to myself for having not seen through it sooner.  

Also, one-off deals have so much operational inefficiency that you actually lose out on your main focus long-term and it's not worth it, no real equity can come from that and anyone who is offended by your refusal is probably of a door you do want to shut sooner rather than later.