Inner Queendom

Inner Queendom

Build a home within yourself so that you don't betray yourself by seeking external validation instead of internal validation, and relying on external opinions instead of self-trust. 

External opinions shouldn't dictate your worth because:

  1. Subjectivity: External opinions are often biased, influenced by personal agendas, prejudices, or limited perspectives, which may not accurately reflect your true value or abilities.

  2. Individual Perspective: You know yourself better than anyone else because you're intimately familiar with your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, offering a unique and comprehensive understanding that others lack.

  3. Personal Wisdom: Trusting yourself is crucial as your life experiences and inner wisdom shape your decisions. Your intuition and insights gained from personal journeys are invaluable guides in navigating life's complexities.

  4. Maturity Beyond Age: Maturity isn't defined by age. It's about emotional intelligence, life experience aka intense childhoods beyond what most older people have seen their whole life, self-awareness, and the ability to learn and adapt very quickly.

Trusting yourself empowers you to make authentic choices aligned with your values and aspirations, fostering personal growth and fulfillment independent of external influences or societal expectations/filters and opinions that change faster than the weather network's predictions.

Love yourself in a world that calls self-love "selfish" when it is basic self-worth as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others, self-ownership is minimal self-respect. Who would benefit from your disempowerment? Only controllers and manipulators, thus building a home within yourself will have you rely primarily on your own inner resources, even in dark times, to find your intuitive answers which makes you independent from dark forces.

How others perceive/judge you isn't your responsibility in the first place, so it's never the best use of your energy to exhaust yourself explaining who you are to the wrong people. You can still do your best to show up as your greatest version, but you're not the hater-whisperer either.

Your focus should remain on being authentic and true to yourself. By shining in your own unique way, you can inspire those who appreciate your individuality and authenticity. The rest are just not aligned with you, that's just part of life. Oh well. I am not bothered by it, I am always relieved when I lose deadweight.