It's Just A Tool!

It's Just A Tool!

As long as you're not exploiting others or stealing it from someone else, you have every right to the fruit of your honest labour.

Passion should make you profit! Money enables impact. Money is not good or evil.

Money is a neutral tool.

How it is obtained may be good or evil, money itself has no moral value.

Honest work is not evil.

Money enables you to live in a safe place and purchase health care... This is not evil or lacking morality, it's a tool. Money enables you to give back to charities you care about which goes a step beyond mere inspiration, and so on.

Money gives you choices and some level of time freedom... You cannot get time freedom if your obligations aren't covered.

Inspired action that is ethical in it of itself enables "clean" money which is far from evil, those who abuse power or steal are evil, but money itself is a tool, it simply uncovers the authentic character of a person.

Greed isn't the right term when you're being wise with your resources, greed is exploitative entitlement to the harvest of others or exploiting people for personal gain, so money itself is not inherently immoral.  

You need money to give back and scale and aside from brand sponsorship deals, to me, trades are not currency and insurance/operating/supplier costs are managed with actual currency. If someone doesn't value your offerings, they can kindly leave. 

Exchanging goods and services for value (money) helps the recipient of the service/product advance as well as your own advancement. There's nothing non-spiritual about solving real problems for real profit. Such people expect to pay business bills how exactly? I am confused.

Money is not evil, those who exploit people as robots and those who use it for/obtain it via dishonest and unethical means are evil. Passions should provide profit to increase the impact of any fundraising/scaling initiative you have. 

Denying the fact that basic personal safety and physical safety and survival require some level of financial security at a baseline isn't going to change the fact that money is survival.

There are multiple reasons why someone would take a certain route, and just because money may one of them, it doesn't mean that that's all it is about. I wonder if any people who think this way are doing anything to give back to the world though. Anything positive and life-impacting? Rarely. 

Money is at the base of the hierarchy of needs because it filters into health, living situation, and your ability to achieve higher levels of everything in every area of life (basic levels too). Ignoring money is not noble, neither is self-sacrifice, or reducing earning power.

True materialism involves using people as tools (exploiting others), whereas requiring money for personal growth, health, safety, is not materialistic. Those who claim otherwise misunderstand genuine spirituality which is in how ethical/fair a person is, not in glamourizing lack.