Heal Yourself First

Heal Yourself First

Your first purpose is to heal yourself and then lead by example.

Your energy doesn't just refill itself, it takes actual time dedicated and you healing yourself sends a ripple effect into the world.

Inspiring by being you is enough, all else is optional. Machines don't run without gas (we are not machines, but you get me).

From a healed place, then inspire others by the means that suits your lifestyle and energy levels, there is no single valid way to give back or inspire. The right people will resonate.

You being you is enough. This is about energy and the unseen more than the action-based stuff. Higher vibrations emanating from you is healing others without even trying!

It is about the aura being emitted, that's more than sufficient. Nothing specific needs to be done. All paths are valid. You can emanate the frequency of a healed person/healer by doing any type of profession, you don't necessarily have to be a healer per se, unless you want to.

Living as/being an example of what healed/health looks like is the the best way to teach, while fulfilling your own dreams and goals.

Others may provide inspiration, but healing is an inside job, so maintain it within you first. Then choose how you allocate your overflow.

Your own alignment, replenishment, fulfillment (and household obligations and so on) all precede your ability to function so do what you can from overflow, not depletion. Your own healing on its own creates positive frequencies already so all else is just a lovely extra. ✨

There is a way to deliver value without needing to be everywhere.

Not that it's possible to do that (be everywhere) in the first place though and content is a "1 to many" way to go about it without depleting yourself in the process - you have every right to be happy.

Compassion isn't self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice isn't noble (it's burnout), without clear amounts of self-replenishment daily: you can't survive/work/feed your dependents. Material security/safety/basic conditions to your survival/self-preservation isn't materialistic either. You will be slowed down without laser focus because the right life/business/work strategy for each unique person isn't from a trend or textbook, it comes down what is most important in your life, what fulfills you, and what is healthy for your wiring. Tune into your inner voice and block out the noise.

Your own healing and survival precedes your ability to do anything at all. 

Inspiration by example will be enough for the right people as well as showing up through the content itself (more than enough, and a lot of effort and work already) because we can't be everywhere and this is a way to show up on a "one to many" basis.

We all have obligations, we are real people with real lives, but we do what we can. 💙💙💙