Nonsensical Myths

Nonsensical Myths

Top myths about eating well that I think are restrictive and can be very misleading if taken at face-value:

1. All carbs are bad.
2. Eating well is time-consuming.
3. Eating well is expensive.
4. Eating well means no fun foods.

Not entirely true, if at all.

- Complex carbs are slower digesting, simple carbs are fast-digesting, use both based on goals. Complex carbs do have a better nutritional profile; however, fast-digesting carbs have a place in one's diet especially for body-building or when consciously consumed.

- Meal-prepping saves time and mental energy, so you can focus your brainpower on actual decisions and automate (for the most part) the decisions around nutrition and diet in advance by making a plan weekly. As well, many grocery stores sell healthy prepared foods, including proteins. I prefer to not cook most weeks as I don't enjoy it nor do I have much free time, so that is my lifesaver.

- Buy in-season to save money.

- If you hit all your macro goals (including protein goals) and ensure you're also getting enough micronutrients first, treats make a healthy lifestyle more fun and sustainable.

Not all "conventional wisdom" is wise. Extreme restriction can cause metabolic damage. Not to mention, weight regain! The body ends up storing more fat after the excessive restriction.

Fat loss happens (partially) when you burn more than you consume, but there are many methods. Our method safely increases energy expenditure without reducing caloric intake too low / too often / too long. 

Is there a need to cut out entire food groups when you take care of the factors that influence fat loss/gain first? Absolutely not. The science-based approach is a sustainable one. No amount of cutting out food groups (for no reason, except if there are allergies) or restricting will work long-term. Those methods can also break/damage your metabolism. A dysfunctional metabolism will not be fixed by restricting foods if it doesn't respond to any food the way that it should in the first place. Fix the metabolism first, the rest will follow. Of course, eating well most of the time helps, but it is not the only factor.

In essence, our method causes an individual to burn more than they consume through the right fitness/nutrition program all without restriction. We trigger the right metabolic speed increases and take care of all the factors that go into fat loss, which is far beyond the "calories in" vs. "calories out" equation. CICO (calories in vs. calories out still matters); however, it is not the only consideration (there are hormonal and other considerations to take into account that are beyond the scope of this post). 

I personally go with a high protein diet and ensure a level of balance to keep myself sane.

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