No Nonsense

No Nonsense

You're cheating on your customers, purpose, and core priorities when you try to spend energy and time you do not have. Without enough solitude via gym time and home time, I stop functioning so I guard that as "brain shut off" time / "alone" time so my brand/craft continues to deliver on time (and to avoid burnout - mentally).

Basically, you're not a dependent, from my household, or in need of 9-1-1 intervention: gym, spa, and home are boundaried zones of alone time. I need more quiet because of my ADHD brain and neurodiversity is becoming more popular these days anyway. 

I would never expand my scope past the point of quality control and integrity as that's how you destroy the trust of your clients.

Frankly, whether it is fun, it has ROI, or any other benefit - you must have it in your budget to begin with (this is what scopes are for, otherwise slippage cuts into critical recharge time for sanity whether you have a disability or not): the costs of overworking or spending mental energy you do not have aren't worth it if it puts you in the red zone. I already feel that with content and a formal fundraiser that I am doing my part. The remainder of my time is for my craft, business maintenance, and household obligations/circle of choice.

Fastening your oxygen mask and protecting your resources (time, energy, mental health) is self-love and responsibility for your own commitments (integrity with your priorities), now... the need to own / control / possess another human is exploitative, know the difference. 

Those who deserve you do not require explanations on how you protect your peace or why you need quiet time (we get to decide which segments of our lives we deem as "disconnect" time)...

People without as many lanes as you will never "get" it and that's not your problem.

Real ones respect you as a person and won't take advantage of your time or try to invade your life outside your "avaiable" realm - which for me, is online unless you actually know me IRL.

Thou shall not interrupt my gym and spa time thinking this is the way to get into my life, what type of nonsense is that?

I have a real life with real problems and the right to disconnect and show up for myself.

I am a human who requires quiet in order to function, the end.

I have a limited social battery, I love humanity, but I can't be available for everyone: I have to prioritize. Fitness is quiet time as it is restorative mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I also like to meditate when I can.

I just cannot "slow" down my day-to-day life to explain myself as the right ones will respect my cues... I can't live my life and narrate the basics.

Preventing insomnia backlog buffer > anything not critical to the baseline business scope so don't work with me if you can't do the bulk of a deal over email, best to not waste anyone's time and be upfront.

Pressure is fine when it comes with purpose, but not when it is from un-focused attention. Your brand cannot solve every issue and you pollute and dilute your potency which stems from focus which doesn't obey God and the Universe's purpose and many many many other resources exist for what you cannot help with and it's unfortunate but peace over senseless pressure.

My commitment to quality control and scope outweighs my desire to be all things, as I no longer have thar desire.

My brand will grow at *my* pace as this is not a circus, it's my life.

We cannot control the filters of others... We can hold ourselves with integrity, good morals, and so on... We still cannot twist ourselves enough to make the wrong people like us and frankly, it's not our purpose to resonate with everyone.

I have a specific business model that will align those who are right for me and those I am right for because it will align with their needs as well as mine so no depletion will be required (it's not going to violate my private recharge time which is required for my ongoing sanity and existence: I will not apologize for my limits, those attempting to cross them should give their heads a shake because they're not concerned about my humanity). Many love online convenience and that's higher quality solutions (maybe for fewer people, but that's okay). 

Time is a constraint, potent focus means no limits but in fewer directions which is a form of expansiveness. 💙

You can learn from what people post online without invading their private lives, because they are humans with the right to disconnect as well! If what you are able to do with your disability is content and a brand on a part-time basis online isn't enough for some and they still want to encroach on your personal private time, they're not resonating with your brand or being so they do not deserve to be an issue in your life, coming correct is expected or get out of here.

Strict weekly crash day still in effect, made become more efficient for craft/business and less of a drawback and more of a necessary sustainability measure for my ADHD. It restricts working/living hours overall, but it doesn't bother me like it did at first. 

There is no more schedule overcrowding or overworking from any angle, so that I am able to manage my bandwidth with the insomnia buffers that I require to stay sane.

The Universe has done nothing but reward me for this balance that I'm achieving and refining every single day so why would I stop? 💙

You're not missing out on anything when you're pouring into yourself because in order for you to function, the basics are required.