Top 3 Reasons I Love Walking!

Top 3 Reasons I Love Walking!

1. Wind resistance:

Walking outdoors provides uneven ground and wind resistance, but it does not actually feel like it is a labour intensive workout.

It is easier to incorporate walking into my day to day life sometimes than going to a gym, so I walk to places on the days that I cannot make it to a gym.

2. Active meditation:

I view walking as a form of active meditation, as it is very relaxing. I am not someone who can sit still and breathe in and out for 20 minutes without going crazy, I need to be doing something like walking or lifting weights as a meditation.

Walking, for me, ranks well above the traditional sit-down meditation style that is so widely promoted as the best way. I found a style of meditation that isn't traditional, but works wonders, which is why I want to share it with others who may be wired similarly to me.

3. Sunshine and nature:

Sunshine is also amazing, if it is nice out. If it is not super nice out, nature is still very refreshing. It helps me sleep better and it is a healthy feeling of positive exhaustion. #PositiveVibesOnly

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