Top Reasons to Avoid People Who Hate Boundaries

Top Reasons to Avoid People Who Hate Boundaries

Top Reasons to Avoid People Who Hate Boundaries:

1. Manipulative Behaviour: Individuals who play the victim and demonize boundaries often manipulate situations to suit their narrative, disregarding others' feelings and needs (they want to take what belongs to you without your permission and at your own expense and disregard your ownership around your personal space and time which is the true definition of a bulldozer to avoid).

2. Toxic Patterns: Engaging with such individuals perpetuates toxic patterns of behaviour and enables them to continue their manipulative tactics.

3. Emotional Drain: Interacting with manipulators can be emotionally draining, as they often seek validation and sympathy without genuine regard for others' well-being (they use others as a means to their ends, those who say "no" are merely protecting what belongs to them and not taking anything from anyone else but master manipulators will rewrite history to make themselves seem like a victim all because someone told them no).

4. Lack of Accountability: People who refuse to respect boundaries typically lack accountability for their actions, making it challenging to have a healthy and constructive relationship with them.

5. Unhealthy Dynamics: Continued engagement with manipulative individuals can foster unhealthy dynamics, eroding trust and causing emotional harm.

6. Protecting Mental Health: Prioritizing your mental health by avoiding such individuals is crucial, as prolonged exposure to their behaviour can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression.

7. Preserving Self-Worth: Refusing to engage with manipulators reaffirms your self-worth and demonstrates that you won't tolerate being manipulated or mistreated.

8. Setting a Precedent: By establishing boundaries and refusing to engage with manipulative behavior, you set a precedent for healthy relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

9. Avoiding Gaslighting: Manipulators often employ gaslighting tactics to invalidate others' feelings and experiences, which can lead to self-doubt and confusion.

10. Encouraging Personal Growth: Stepping away from toxic individuals allows you to focus on personal growth and cultivate relationships that are supportive, respectful, and fulfilling (not based on agendas or their convenience).