No Joke

No Joke

Never play with your health to prove anything to anyone - especially outside of your household, their understanding doesn't hold weight: your protection of your wellness and health precedes your functioning and those are more important than anything really.

A disability does not heal, and you do not grow out of it, everything that is in place right now stays in place for as long as I live because that's how my brain functions. I simply did not know until now. But how I changed my business accordingly remains.

A disability is chronic and doesn't go away, this concept is not to be confused with a temporary injury where recovery ensues. A disability gets managed, not cured. 

The only reason my business still exists is that it is 100% remote, clear scope, fantastic partners and suppliers who get it. Love that I can scale as well with contractors. 

Respecting how we function and our wiring, while avoiding what disrupts our peace isn't weak: it is self-awareness and disability management. We will not hop in and out of our mental wheelchairs for the sake of anyone else's comprehension levels. What we bring to the table is different because we are different. 

The only thing we outgrow is wasting our precious brain cells even entertaining nonsensical ideas that perpetuate the lack of widespread automatic acceptance of differences without needing to put up a fight for very standard aspects of the disability in general.

You should take your time to recharge seriously whether or not you have a disability because if you don't have coping skills for the daily stresses of life and you don't have guaranteed access to that time, you will be easily triggered, and that's just human, so rest.

Your time limits so as to tend to your baseline functioning (like any responsible adult) are not negotiable and neither are your overall capacity limits. It's not selfish to respect yourself, those who imply that it is are not the ones tending to your health condition and bills. 

You can handle your purpose through a method that respects your wellness in the process.

My lanes are fantastic, but until everyone can say this: I will raise awareness and continue to encourage people guard their peace from pointless overstimulation as best as possible.