Reasons to Prioritize Protein!

Reasons to Prioritize Protein!

While protein does not cause kidney issues, it is debatable whether having a high-protein diet can exacerbate existing kidney issues, so this post is written for those without pre-existing kidney issues or all other conditions that can be exacerbated by a high-protein diet.

I will not list out the recommended daily amount of protein for each activity level in this post, as it varies; however, most people do not focus on protein enough.


1. Protein increases NEAT.

NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis (calories burned through movement outside of structured exercise).

2. Protein increases satiety. It keeps you feeling fuller for longer. This means lowering the chances of binge-eating due to not being satisfied with our meals.


1. Protein shakes as an accompaniment to breakfast or a snack.

2. Protein bars as an accompaniment to an existing snack or a snack on its own.

3. Building your meals around protein is also helpful.

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