Choosing Your Life's Priorities

Choosing Your Life's Priorities

Humanity rides on personal freedom, dignity, and autonomy.

You choose the qualifications required for what constitutes "wise counsel" in your life as your main guidance system is from within. I have a very small list.

Overall... Trust YOURSELF about who to trust (or not).

WHY would you EVER pause on your own purpose and mission in life for someone else to hijack your life with theirs? This is about not exchanging your existing purpose for someone else's. Personal life situations may cause our priorities to shift in certain seasons for our household, but I am not talking about life situations, I am talking about users/thieves posing as helpers (they want to hijack your time for their goals over your own in your own business realm).

Why should anyone hijack your right to choose your own priorities in *your* life and handle your God-given purpose? That's not normal and that's not healthy.

The path to your success will never cost you any of your existing obligations, health, and wellness. It will fit seamlessly within your existing set-up in terms of logistics. 

All that is aligned will fit seamlessly as we know by now that self-sacrifice is not how dedication is measured. 

You're not a victim or a puppet in your life to live the assigned "path" that someone else gave you... you're the one in control of your journey. 

Many paths may have different benefits, but ultimately, you are the one who decides what's best for you. Doing what's best for you is not infringing on anyone else, you are merely protecting what you value.

No one has a right to hijack your life's purpose.

✨The boundary is not the problem, the problem is the person that has a problem with your property lines.✨

Self-sacrifice is for dependents only: you don't have time to spend that you don't have and the right people respect your schedule and obligations and won't want you to go into a backlog or try to forcefully manage your time for you or change your life's priorities. You cannot pour from an empty cup, you can only do what you can if they come correct and respect your time and oxygen mask which is truly basic.

The wrong people will be trying to mould you to make it seem like them liking you is the ticket to your success: it's not, your health is! Managing your mind and health is the key (like me overcoming my overwork tendencies for instance, that's healthy change), but allowing anyone else your driver's seat (hijacking your value system or redirecting your path to their benefit) is not. 

Go with your gut.