The conditions to my ongoing survival, namely: consecutive un-broken focus (electrical) circuit for work and recharge time moves for no one except dependents and those in my inner circle, anyone who thinks they come before this, certainly not strangers, isn't my problem.

With or without medication, ADHD cannot refocus after interruptions. My livelihood is more important than who does or doesn't understand this. If this requires explanations, I can't have that in my circle. 

The mental wheelchair of ADHD is around issues with focus and context-switching and avoiding interruptions that aren't 911-level or from actual dependents, this is the theme of all of it: protecting our focus circuit from breaking.

The gym is how I "show up" for my mental health among managing many commitments... ever since separating that time from business time / blocking out needless interruptions, it has been even more blissful. Boundaries protect our peace as we can't outsource basic health.

People who see you as a whole person will encourage your wellness, personal space, and boundaries... The rest aren't worth your time, energy, or being a factor in your life. Wish them well and raise your energetic frequency so they can see their way out of your precious life.

Especially in my private sanctuary:

ADHD cannot recover from needless interruptions, period, so why would anything except life-threatening emergencies or dependents qualify? 😱

People with multiple jobs are not just sitting at home picking their noses, they're actually working.

Clearly stating your "no" or refusal (non-verbal or otherwise) with as little or as much context as the situation calls for (depending how close they are to you) is a very common and normal thing - you're not insulting or infringing on anyone's rights by protecting your space/mental energy limits/interruption-free time which belongs to you no matter where you are, anyone making it an issue is the one with the problem (mad they could not exploit and play you).

You can say something with a smile and anyone mad about the fact that you have rights as a person is going to take it the wrong way, they're just mad that they couldn't use you. You are not in control of someone else's perception of you: that's not your job on this planet.

Respect those who want personal space and privacy and move on, find others with similar needs = the solution!