Small circle vibes... Based on your bandwidth limits, not being better than anyone, this is neutral energy rather than arrogant energy.

I do not care "who" they know.

I do not care "who" they are.

Depletion doesn't get you anywhere sustainably.

Best to build sustainably and slowly and stay alive on the way. ūüíô

‚ú®Imagine calling someone who is being responsible as lacking faith? You do not count your chickens before they hatch! That smells like an agenda as not many people make good business decisions form desperation and people with health conditions have different considerations. The right lanes put quality back into your living hours even if less in quantity.‚ú®

We are not called to tolerate depletion in non-charity, non-dependent, non-child situations that should pour into us as much as we pour into them. This is not about personal gain, this is about respecting our own life's purpose and ensuring connections are mutually aligned and not only beneficial for the exploiter/taker.

If they're not in your household, your child, your dependent, or your charity of choice... It's an entirely *optional* relationship/connection of your choosing!

Oneness means do no harm, it doesn't mean that you're not an individual with autonomy over who you let into your life and to what extent.

✨ People who get where they want to go own their vision and are fully aware of where they want to go, without allowing external voices or distractions to manipulate their path or sell them a dream/it's an inner vision. They let their choices be guided by their end vision, who is the owner of your life and vision except you though, seriously? ✨

You have no business tolerating those who capitalize on the perks of being around you even if they see you getting into the red zone (leeches and opportunists who show now concern for naturally replenishing, initiating, and giving back).

Evaluate the connections in your life periodically:

Is it healthy?

Is it adding to your health?

Is it helping you as much as you give?

Is it adding mutual love and value?

Who is teaching you and uplifting you if they're latching onto you for your motivation, but giving you absolute crumbs?

Is it a bottomless sink-hole of one-sided taking and inconsistency?

Are they adding complication to your busy schedule and life, or are they adding ease and peace? 

Are they destroying your ability to manage your health on limited hours by trying to drain your resources, while also bringing nothing but unfounded entitlement and acting like you owe them anything in the first place when they're not even your child, dependent, or part of your household and the connection is optional in nature? 

Are they offering you un-wanted favours with unseen strings attached to maintain the upper-hand and fatten you up for the kill (their bigger ask down the road)?

Are they overly intrusive despite you just having met them all of 3 seconds ago? Are they trying to dominate the conversation with overly personal questions which have nothing to do with them? (Genuine isn't intrusive, it's graceful). Trust is earned. It's just what it is.

Anyone who has it in their heart to bamboozle a person with a kind spirit is not worth your time or investment. 

Giving to ungrateful individuals will never lead to their reciprocity when situations outside your own household, your kids, or your dependants or charities, I'm talking about situations were reciprocity is expected. Catering to the wrong people won't fulfill your needs in the equation, as you are merely meant to be an inanimate object solely existing for their purposes without a life of your own. 

It's one-sided people who see reciprocity and mutuality as an issue because how dare you not exist solely for them... Do we see the irony?

You cannot call forth from someone what is not already within them so it's not possible to blame yourself for who they really are. Trust what you are shown.

‚ú®No genuine connection will ever harm your health, question the time spent on your disability/self-care that works for your unique health requirements... and no aligned/honourable opportunity will be gained by harming your health in the process, because if your health is disrespected in the building phase... Red flag! Healthy opportunities/connections are built in a healthy manner, and this is not wishful thinking, it's actual critical facts. I have had many partnerships in life so this is a compilation of lessons.‚ú®

Stop watering what doesn't water you.

Especially in relationships that are completely optional, you have full dominion over who you allow into your life and business.

Another very important thing is to believe what you're shown the first time.

You don't need future dealings with people who don't respect your time in the now. 

You don't need opportunists in your life who are trying to get away with using you, but do not value who you are as a person.

You don't need future dealings with people who play games and have ulterior motives.

Only care about what cares about you (actions matching words and outcomes) and leave it at that.

Honour those who honour your oxygen mask (mutually so), repel lop-sided opportunists in any area of life because boundaries aren't protection mode, they're basic self-preservation and you should be able to step back and evaluate everything periodically based on your self-worth standards.

Never explain yourself to those hellbent on misconstruing you or the FBI-type pryers who are trying to get information from you rather than genuinely connect (there's a difference).

It not your responsibility to manage anyone else's thoughts and feelings about your life decisions provided that you're not harming anyone and you were managing your actual obligations properly. They are not the ones who pay your bills or suffer the health consequences.

You cannot reframe your way into having time for something that you don't have time for, and the semblance of making something easy when you simply don't have time for it isn't going to change that.

You don't have time for what you don't have time for and that's the bottom line.

The wrong people will actually add unnecessary stress to your very limited time.

Confusing spirits are dark energies.

Takers/bottomless pits can go find a puppet who lacks personal autonomy (basic human dignity, freedom of choice, and free will) as it seems this is what opportunists prefer, while you keep honouring your worth.

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." Matt. 7:15‚Äď20)

Test the spirit. 

I don't think anyone genuine would want you to tolerate being depleted without being replenished, or put your own purpose on the back burner for people who have nothing positive to add to your life (non-child/non-dependents/non-charities so basically the deadweight of entitled scammers).

No one that cares for you is going to try to hijack your thinking patterns, your mind and your health rituals and try to sell you some fantasy outcome.

Nobody that cares for you is going to distract you from anything that is important to you. The same way that you wouldn't do that to them.

When you find organic, you'll never settle again and trusting yourself will tell you who to trust.

You can't spare time for those who seek to benefit off of you; your available time for connections/relationships is already limited, so make your choices carefully: choose mutual love and mutual care, not opportunists.

The people who seek the most from you are the same people who bring the least to the table, have you noticed that? 

Your mental health/spiritual is more important than any fleshly connection or fake care.

Not everyone who smiles with you is your friend, trust your instincts. Shanquella Robinson's tragedy is not as uncommon as we like to believe. Not everyone who tries to gain access to you is doing so with innocent intent. Test the spirit, never go along with confusing spirits.

We should guard our hearts as we deserve to protect what we value. It would be unwise not to! Who in their right mind would expect you not to ask about intent or to be mindful of testing a spirit? Who would want you exposed and vulnerable unless they had an agenda? A high spam filter isn't missing out on anything, it magnetizes blessings and repels all that is bad. 

‚ú®Healing will destroy your previous palate and give you functional taste buds.‚ú®

Individuals who expect you to function merely as a lifeless cog in a situation where your rights and needs should carry equal weight, and who advocate for you to exist without limitations, are definitely not your allies. They do not merit any of the valuable contributions you bring to the table.

No opportunity or connection that is ethical and genuine is going to try to make you sacrifice your health in the first place.

I expect replenishment because I don't think they'd run on empty if the roles were reversed.

We are not called to everything, everyone, or every cause. We are called to choose wisely, trust our discernment, and invest in what is equally yoked/fertile soil.

Love the wrong ones from a distance and let them go.