Medical Update (Juicy Details)

Medical Update (Juicy Details)

This was too long for a social media post, so blog post it is!

I panicked yesterday when I started to feel dizzy/day time somnolence and I didn’t want a repeat of what happened 3 months ago with head zaps.

I actually started Strattera a week and a half ago almost, but I did not get side effects until the day before yesterday, which was weird.

I gave it another few days and the side effects are waning. Finally my Straterra (ADHD) and Fetzima (anxiety) combo is working almost glitch-free.

I still feel dizzy (less now though), abdominal cramps, and some weird sensations in my brain when I lied down to sleep, but that’s some minor snap-crackle-popping like the cereal (ew lol) - but no electrical shocks like lightning moving through my brain like what I experienced months ago. Progress! 

Having had the space for this medication trial is part of the reason I didn't freak out.

Also, this period confirms that despite some limitations, my chosen business model (online) was the right one. I am going to continue without the coaching as influencer deals pick up (it's one or the other, not both right now).

Thank you for following my journey and I hope I could provide some entertainment, insight, and fun. We cannot uplift others unless we come from a place of joy and abundance, and I was not going to allow this to stop me from falling in love with life again. Essentially, uplifting others is impossible without coming from a place of as much joy as possible within ourselves first, hence my light-heartedness around something otherwise less-than-ideal.