Self-Respect Matters

Self-Respect Matters

It's crucial to believe people when they reveal their true colours because it allows us to make informed decisions about who to trust and invest our time in.

Life is fleeting, and spending it on individuals who have demonstrated deceit, malice, controlling behaviour, or tyranny only detracts from our well-being and growth.

Choosing to walk away from toxic relationships or situations is an act of self-respect, prioritizing our mental and emotional health over futile attempts at reconciliation.

Forgiveness may be possible, but it doesn't necessitate returning to harmful dynamics; it's about letting go for our own peace, not reinstating trust where it's been shattered.

Anyone advocating otherwise is likely seeking to *evade* accountability for their actions/patterns, and recognizing this manipulation empowers us to prioritize our own well-being and surround ourselves *only* with genuinely good people who uplift and support us (there's a difference between character flaws and misunderstanding, there is a difference between hurt and harm).