Mental Privacy Zones

Mental Privacy Zones

Discernment is impossible in terms of choosing the right business opportunities (via guaranteed mental recharge time, no one needs to be social 24/7, especially not introverts). We should be able to zone out as long as we’re not in anyone’s way or neglecting our obligations.

Remorseless deliberate cruelty lacks empathy, but owning what belongs to you, what you worked for, and proper resource allocation of your mental energy is far from selfish as you're infringing on no one's peace and rights. 🔥

As far as I am concerned, our time is under our jurisdiction (especially if we already give back more than enough).

My right to disconnect also applies to my business, consecutive and un-interrupted: as long as I handle my obligations, I am not "on" all the time and I would not expect myself to be, everyone has times/segments of life where they do not want to be bothered.

No one is going to be allowed around me who acts like online personas do not have the same privacy rights as others, excuse me? We need to recharge our batteries and we have a right to designate our Do-Not-Disturb zones, period. 

Your "zone of focus" is full mental presence (being captivated by the task or moment at hand) similar mind-to-muscle connection when training, this is the time where you mentally recharge / aren't expected to be "on" or "performing" especially if too much socializing drains you.

What will they think of your privacy enforcement or will they think you're a snob? Who cares! Those who respect your time and wellness will not care or be bothered! Your time belongs to no matter "where" you are... They will think that it's your time to recharge (this has nothing to do with them) and that it's to be left alone, anything other than that is not a "you" problem. ✨ Genuine people wouldn't even bother my private time or do it in a demanding manner, they'd come correct, that's the type of audience I want, resonance. No one is “on” 24/7, we all have zones where we need to relax and zone out, even if out and about.

I do not care about my business and I am in it for the money because I am not "available" 24/7 and designate strict "do not disturb boundaries," and I definitely do not give back enough with free content and charity work, what a horrendous concept: not pouring on empty.

It's almost like self-love is selfish to the wrong people, but they do not deserve access to you anyway. Let them go leech off someone else. My consecutive un-interrupted rest ain't up for grabs and my household is my first priority (on top of a disability). Strangers who want to act like I owe them, nope, I do not.. 

I gate-keep my time and I am not interested in appeasing anyone who has no idea what multiple businesses and a disability is like! I confidently refuse anything that constitutes "not the business I am in" as I offer plenty of free content and have already chosen my charity (foster kids) so my first obligation is managing my mind and household so I do not need to be available to just anyone at anytime at my own expense.

Oneness is incentive to not wish ill and bother others, honouring my preferences over my life and time is not an issue for most grown adults. 

Please make a contribution to humanity at-large before you try to insinuate that someone you do not know and owes you nothing but "do no harm" isn't doing enough. Please live a life that contributes to society in a meaningful way too and then you can speak intelligently on the doings of people you do not well enough to comment on.

For today's math lesson:

Do ADHD meds work well without exercise?

Does your body work well without minimal exercise?

No, and no, pouring into my own sanity-cup isn't denying other areas of life that have no right to such encroachment as human beings need rest, this goes for my start-up too.

Protecting your mental peace and time off the clock for your own batteries without which there is no business or charity is not depriving anyone of their own rights since you’re not responsible for fixing every problem in the world either, charity begins at home, you choose how you allocate *your* overflow.

Your boundaries do not infringe on the rights of others and investing in your wellness (basic survival) doesn't steal, bother, or destroy someone else's. Oneness is an imperative to harm no one and wish people well, it's not codependence or acting like someone else owes you their own self-sacrifice above their own responsibilities. No. 

Designating business hours, where you show up with full mental presence is actually more powerful long-term than scattering your energy, and always being on the clock/always in networking mode/work mode. That's a no for me.

You're not beholden to anyone as to why you are not interested in something or are not mentally available for something or do not have the energy.

Timing, timing, timing:

Logistics and mental focus (energy) limits are the reasons why some require designated "unavailable" time and it's never to be taken as an insult or a reflection of anything else or others at all, we all have different needs, so we align with those who resonate.

The issue is not the boundary, but their utter disdain towards you having ownership over yourself. Not my problem so do not make it my problem.