Vetting Process

Vetting Process

If they’re not coming correct or missing signals now, where do you think this would lead if you allowed them closer? They’d literally take over your already-limited time and make bigger impositions, it would be endless and nightmarish. I am becoming fantastic at dodging bullets.

Protecting what belongs to you is not taking anything from anyone else or infringing on anyone else, so that doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you a responsible person who takes care of their own first.

My charitable efforts are reserved for larger scale causes - causes other than anybody who wants to latch onto me for whatever reason because I don't have that kind of unlimited energy and time. I reserve it for things that are genuine.

I have no tolerance for entitlement or contrived senses of obligation because those kinds of people will usually drain you and they don't have an ounce of respect or appreciation for what you would be doing anyway. 


Anyone coming to you and offering you anything (help, support, whatever) at any point does not mean that it's aligned or good (something other than just a concealed distraction), you have to vet people before you can let them in on your purpose. You have the right to vet people.

Any offer does not warrant automatic acceptance, you get to decide if it meets your needs (mutuality). Anyone offended by your rejection of their oh-so-noble quest to "help" you was likely concealing their intent because a genuine gift-giver would fall back easily and not care what your response was.

You get to decide (autonomy is basic humanity) who is allowed in *your* life or business.

Those who do not come correct are not even getting a response from me.