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I am Karisa Karmali, Founder of Self-Love and Fitness™, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Online Fitness Coach, and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. 

The brand:

Our specialty? Helping athletes, driven professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders get back on track or level up. We work with all genders - science is science.

While you don't need to be training for a championship or competition, you do need to have an existing base of fitness experience and ambitious fitness goals.

We do not sell sessions or workout instruction in the traditional sense of what you would expect from a trainer who works out by your side. People who are just starting out in fitness and nutrition are best served by in-person sessions (as we work virtually). Our approach is custom plans and programs.  

In other words, we provide customized athletic performance-driven plans and coaching programs for people who are tired of working hard and only seeing mediocre results. Customization for both nutrition and fitness strategy means it fits your goals and unique needs.

Pushing myself mentally through fitness has helped me in so many ways, that is why I love high athletic goals. 

A bit more about the brand story and my obsession with giving back:

Aside from inspiring driven people to level up athletically since a strong body is connected to a strong mind... 

This brand was built as a mechanism for me to channel adversity into something positive. 

Using my anxiety reframe methods daily, I know powerful ways to cultivate resilience. 

Building my own business is also a huge part of ensuring that I can be in a position to give back to the community. I support the Just One Person scholarship for Youth in Care because I was one. 

Being a recipient of the Youth Social Entrepreneur Award from Algonquin College for Community and Social Responsibility (2011), I want to continue to inspire others with difficult upbringings or circumstances and, of course, to inspire sexual violence victims to take their power back.

The odds were against me, I grew up in foster homes (since the age of 4); however, I would never call myself a victim. Why? It was just fuel for me.

We can always win in the end if we use adversity to our advantage.

Self-love also fuels self-discipline, which is needed for athletic performance, and to navigate the mental highs and lows of life in general.



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