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Hi! I am Karisa Karmali, the Founder of Self-Love and Fitness. It started as an online equipment store and later evolved into me obtaining my NASM Nutrition Coach Certification and my ISSA Personal Training Certification.

Being a recipient of the Youth Social Entrepreneur Award from Algonquin College for Community and Social Responsibility (2011), as well as being One of Invest Ottawa’s 100 Rising Stars (2012), it has been a goal of mine to create my own online lifestyle brand.

Having worked in fitness / equipment retail before, promotional modelling within the industry, doing my own research for years before getting certified, and having spent years coaching and speaking at various youth programs, I wanted to combine all of it into one brand / program / lifestyle.

I also wanted to create my program because no "diet" will fix the thinking patterns and limiting beliefs that caused the problem in the first place. As well, a proper training program provides the client with knowledge for the long-term, gradually decreasing their dependence on the trainer post-program / over a span of time.

Why do I love coaching / creating workout plans? Having lead teams of all ages and walks of life, motivating others and coaching has always been a part of my life. I have mentored youth groups since I was 16. I am also an expert on FairyGodBoss.com, providing me even more coaching methods and advice-giving abilities using pointed questions and prompting reflection.

Why a focus on mindset? Using my own anxiety reframe methods on the daily, I know powerful ways to cultivate resilience and to let attitude prevail over circumstances.

I am not selling nutrition and self-love as cures for mental health; however, the mindset methods that I use for myself make me more relatable when coaching / providing workout plans.

My approach is a combination of lifestyle tune-up and flexibility, but I know how to train fitness models too. Get in touch to see what type of programming works for you! 

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- KARISA KARMALI, Certified Nutrition Coach & Certified Personal Trainer