Inspiration, Not Copy-Pasting

Inspiration, Not Copy-Pasting

Progressively mastering a movement via adding challenge by adding weight or reps will not happen if you randomly copy-paste someone else's routine (you do not know their physical limitations or level), do your own research and view others as mere inspiration to get/keep going.

Others around you are a fabulous reminder to keep going, but you have no idea what level they're at and if you are starting out and you mimic something too complicated, you could get injured.

Take inspiration and then craft your own consistent routine by researching exercises on Youtube or what not because you must "scan" your body to see if it "fits" your capacity and needs as consistent and progressive overload build muscle tone, not an ever-changing mish-mash of copy-pasted nonsense.

If you attend classes, try going to the same or similar classes for a span of time so as to constantly be progressing (if progress is your goal).

Consistency and customization via adapting the rituals to your unique health requirements. You also need to keep in mind your own medical history, which copy-pasting someone else does not do for you.

How to find what is right for your unique goals and biomechanics?

Experiment and take notes of how your body feels and if you feel challenged enough and go from there.

Variants of weighted squats, lunges, and Romanian deadlifts are "compound" movements that I do when I am rushing and scissors/flutter kicks for abs, but you need to "feel" it out for yourself.

The amount of weight you use will depend on your level. Proper form over weight-load, any day!

Even if some exercises are known to target a certain muscle group, choose a few that you like and narrow in on those that feel best for you as consistency - not variety - will build faster results (both mind-to-muscle connection and tangible muscle tone).

Please hone in on YOUR unique needs, don't just copy others: check in with yourself as every "body" is different the same way that every "mind" is different. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. Make notes on what works for you as you go and learn how to "scan" your body for cues as you go.